Property Investment in Philadelphia

The market for Urban property in the US has been thriving in recent years, and a number of properties have seen demand surge. Philadelphia is one of the strongest and fastest-growing of all, particularly in the buy-to-let sector. As such, investors from around the world have turned their attention towards the city.

Philadelphia is one of the most historical cities in the US, and has a reputation for a varied culture and thriving arts scene. It is also the eighth largest regional economy in the entire world, thanks to a strong government workforce, a thriving pharmaceutical industry, and a position as a prominent shipping port. It also benefits from an up-to-date, high-quality public transport network and 92 separate colleges or universities.

The thriving economy and many other attractions of Philadelphia draw people from around the US and beyond to take up the many jobs on offer in a big city. Furthermore, Philadelphia offers a high quality of living combined with low costs. This means that even people from other cities with similarly strong job markets, such as New York or Washington, are also choosing to investing in property for sale in Philadelphia, considering it an affordable alternative to other US cities that will not involve a sacrifice in living standards. The result is heavy demand for housing, and rental properties in the city tend to be filled very easily and bring in excellent returns.

In line with the city’s affordable living costs, property prices in Philadelphia remain low. This means that in spite of the excellent returns on offer and high demand, a buy-to-let investment in Philadelphia comes with very affordable outlays. This makes for some of the best and most attractive investment opportunities on the market, in the US or elsewhere for both domestic and overseas property investors.

The factors that make Philadelphia into such a popular place to live and attractive opportunity for investors do not look like they will abate at any time soon. A few years ago, the area embarked upon a major project aimed at developing both the housing market and the region’s economy. This project began in 2010 and is set to continue until 2035, and should continue to drive job creation and a thriving property market.

Purchasing a property in Philadelphia is likely to also bring attractive value increases in coming years. In the decade between 2000 and 2010, properties in the area appreciated in value by a huge 121%. Through continued growth in demand and improvement projects taking place in the area, values look set to continue rising steadily bringing great benefits to investors when it comes to any future sale. A number of investment packages aimed at the regions buy-to-let market have sprung up to take advantage of this fantastic situation, with average returns on offer of between 9 and 14%.