Program helps low-income families to install solar panels

California, like no other state, is experiencing climate change, and the state is also occupying a leading position in using technology to preserve its nature. With the state’s ecology situation being compromised, the drought has brought on new challenges.

There are several programs, however, aimed to, if not consolidate, but at least alleviate the ecological situation. To withstand global warming, the state is raising funds for helping the indigent to install solar panels in their homes. The funding mostly came from the companies polluting the environment, thus providing the less advantaged with an opportunity to reduce their energy bill and to reduce their carbon footprint.

So far it’s been reported that the program has raised about fifteen million dollars. Since so many tools are available in PV industries for effective surface roughness measurement, the cost of solar cell production is decreasing. But the solar panel installation’s price is still quite hefty; it can cost up to fifteen thousand dollars for installation.

This program will definitely help families with a tight budget to save more money for food or clothes while the companies that contribute to environmental pollution will be forced to chip in for the program. At least for now, due to the costs, only a small percent of the low-income families will have solar panels installed. However, it�s a step in the right direction, and that counts for the time being.