Problems Caused by Lack of Water and Dehydration in the Workplace

You probably already know that as humans we�re made from mainly water. Needless to say this means that we require a constant supply of H2O to help keep us in the best possible condition.

To place things in perspective, a brain is made from 85% water and only an incremental amount less of water will cause it to slow down and lose focus. This can cause all sorts of issues with concentration, awareness and also lower our ability to solve problems. In the workplace, where such factors are a necessity, this is far from idyllic.


Dehydration is quite simple in principal � it is essentially a condition where the body loses more water than it takes in. This causes people to perform below the level they should and means they feel sluggish, irritable and sometimes even confused.

The way the brain is set up, it needs to constantly flush out toxins and to do this it requires a constant supply of water. Drinking more water keeps not just the brain alert though, it�s also a necessity for the performance of muscles, eyes and the blood health and replacement of water in these cells too.

In the Workplace

Drinking water in the workplace is a necessity for people in the workplace as it helps people to maintain performance. In light of caffeine consumption, this is very important as if water is not replaced after drinking these diuretics people tend to suffer the effects of a lack of hydration. This leads to not just concentration problems, but also ill health and other issues.

In an ideal world a person should have around 100-200ml glasses at a number of intervals throughout the day. This should mean that they drink a total of two litres over the period to replace the water they otherwise perspire or lose.

Water Systems

One of the best ways to encourage people to drink water is by offering them a supply of fresh filtered water in the workplace.� A lot of people don�t tend to enjoy drinking unfiltered tap water for a number of reasons � often to do with taste among other things. This will result in them drinking less water than they should and often leaves them dehydrated. By offering them bottled or mains water coolers, such as those from, you will encourage them to take more water on board and stay better hydrated throughout the day � very important for wellbeing.

For businesses this is important on a number of levels. Hydrated employees perform better, for longer and with greater concentration levels. In addition, it could be argued that there�s morale or health related reasons for this � people deserve water they can drink and a business or workplace should provide a fresh, tasty supply constantly. This should be easily accessible to all workers.

As the human body is largeLY part water, it�s very important that you are ensuring your employees are hydrated and replacing water they lose. Help them to stay focused and feel better and happier when working with fresh filtered water.