Prized Vehicles

Nice weather calls classic and custom car enthusiasts out to the show circuit. Is your car collection ready for this fun and exciting season? Bringing out the best in your prized vehicles means giving a little extra care and attention to the cars that you want to show off.

When choosing which cars in your collection to bring to a show, consider the type of car. Some shows are meant specifically for cars that have been customized with anything from a unique paint job to crazy modifications that catch the eye. These shows usually have different classes depending on the degree of modification, so you’ll want to become familiar with the rules before picking out a vehicle to bring.

Concours shows put high priority on originality, appearance and attention to detail. You probably don’t want to enter a concours show unless you have a very specific knowledge of the car you want to show. To be eligible for concours, every part number must be original and no modifications can have been made. Some concours shows even require the tires to be the same make and size. If you’re itching to get into concours, make sure you know exactly what’s required for your vehicle and be prepared to hunt for the right parts if you don’t have them.

Clean Inside and Out

Once you’ve chosen a vehicle or two to take on the show circuit, get it as clean as you can. Remove any clutter or personal belongings that have accumulated and give the entire interior a good vacuuming. Clean the carpeting, upholstery and console area thoroughly, using compressed air and cotton swabs to clean out crevices if necessary.

Give the outside of the car a wash using a mild soapy solution. Don’t forget to clean the tires and get the dirt out of the wheel wells. If you’ve been driving the car regularly, you might want to remove the tires for better access. Clean out other unusual spots such as the windshield wiper well and dry the car thoroughly.

Shine It Up

Wax helps to protect your car’s paint and gives it an eye-catching shine that will help it stand out at a car show. Carnauba wax is the most common type used on show cars, though a synthetic polymer can give you a beautiful “wet” finish if that’s what you’re looking for. Follow the instructions that come with the wax you choose, starting with a thin layer and adding more if necessary.

Putting a nice finish on the tires and windows is a good idea as well. Invest in some tire gel and spend a little time buffing up all the glass to make your entire vehicle sparkle. After arriving at the show, check the car over again and clean up any spots that were soiled during the drive there. Carry a can of touch-up paint to address nicks and have a buffing cloth on hand to ensure that your car stays looking pristine right up until judging time.