Power Cable Monitoring

Data management and data transfer are a critical aspect of both personal and professional life. When you perform any function over the internet, data must be transferred and processed for the operation to take place. To the average person, the novelty of present technology is akin to performing magic daily. Most people are not aware of how any of this technology functions, but it will continue to be enjoyed so long as it continues to function correctly. When thinking of distributed acoustic sensing (DAS), for example, likely, many individuals have not heard of this and the different applications. Power cable monitoring is one such way that assists how data is managed in the 21st century.

Power Cable Monitoring – Application

Power cable monitoring has various applications as it relates to the performance of DAS. One of the most essential involves the overall life extension of cables used in this process. Combined with DAS, any possible attacks on data can be determined based on a disturbance in vibrations and can even be pinged to a particular tower or data center. Possessing this type of control over cables for an organization can do wonders for the security of both consumer and company data. Increased security measures are a must in an ever-changing world.