Operating A Mall Kiosk

When you go to a mall, you probably see the small carts and booths that are set up in the aisles. They seem to sell a little bit of everything and sometimes seem to move throughout the mall at different times of the year. Operating mall kiosks is rather simple. All you need is a vision of the items that you want to sell and the proper permits that are required by the mall in order to set up in the building.

After setting up your kiosk, you want to display your products in a way that is attractive to those who walk by so that you sell what you have. Try to set out a few of each item that you offer, even if you have to display several colors of the same thing so that customers have a chance to see what is for sale. If you keep things hidden, then you won’t make money. One way to make sure you have plenty of room for all of the items that you offer is to have a small cabinet behind the kiosk. You can keep extras inside and out of the view of customers so that the overall appearance is professional and enticing.

When it comes to advertising, you want to use brighter colors that tend to stand out in the center of the aisle. While people are walking in a mall, they sometimes become mesmerized by the lights on the front of the larger stores. This is because malls usually have the lighting in the aisles a bit dimmer so that these displays can stand out. If you have your kiosk a little brighter than other stores surrounding you, then customers will be likely be drawn to see what you have.

Your strategy for getting people to stop when they want to keep walking should be that of friendliness and professionalism. Offer an incentive for those who buy products, or offer free samples if you are selling beverages or foods. Don’t push people to buy something, but if you see that a customer is on the fence about an item, try to meet their needs so that you get the sale.