Open Your Very Own Drop Ship Business

Often in this blog we have lauded the benefits of drop shipping, but the most frequently asked question we get from readers is how to go about setting up their own drop shipping business. Many readers feel as if the setup process will be too challenging, but on the contrary, the process is quite straightforward. Today we are going to go over the basic steps of beginning a successful drop ship business.

Find a Wholesaler

The first step in beginning a drop shipping business is finding a wholesaler to work with. The wholesaler will provide you with the inventory you will be advertising/selling. Every wholesaler is different, so it�s important to do explicit research and factor in any limitations you might be working with before you choose. A well-known scam online involves selling false lists of wholesalers to potential drop shippers, be careful to avoid this in your research.

Set up a Website

Once you have a wholesaler to work with, you will need to create a place for customers to view/buy the goods, like a website. Creating websites has become easier and easier over the years, and a quick search will give you several different platforms you can create and host a web store with. As you�re starting out don�t worry about making the website look pretty/fancy, concentrate on keeping the store working and fulfilling orders before focusing on aesthetics.

Drive traffic to your site

After the site goes live, the final step is to start advertising. A good advertising campaign starts with identifying your target audience and advertising on sites they frequent. For example, if your web store focuses on sell wholesale electronics, start becoming active in electronic forums or blogs to attract customers. You don�t necessarily have to spend money market your site effectively, utilize other free platforms like social media sites as well.