New Caster Wheels Help to Achieve Noise Compliance

Noise levels are a problem that every manufacturer has to address: Federally mandated continuous-exposure noise levels are limited to 85dbA. Caster Concepts, a leading supplier of industrial caster wheels recently introduced CasterShoX, a new type of shock absorbing casters that not only reduce shock loads by up to 80 percent but also reduce noise levels from carts by up to 90 percent. Additionally, there is a financial inventive for choosing this type of caster wheels: CasterShoX casters cost 20-50 percent less than conventional spring-loaded casters. The noise level improvements can be achieved almost instantly, since carts don�t have to be modified; the new caster wheels can be installed quickly. This simple change can bring a factory into compliance with the federally mandated noise levels. CasterShoX come in two standard sizes, 6�2 inch and 8�2 inch, can carry 500 to 1,500 pounds per wheel, and are available in single or dual wheel configuration.