Move beyond Vines and YouTube videos

Are you ready to move beyond Vines and YouTube videos? Do you think you have what it takes to become a professional film editor? If you improve your skills as much as possible, you might just catch a break in this demanding industry. Here are a few tips for making better movies and getting yourself noticed:

1: Take Training Courses

You can only teach yourself so much through experimentation. There are valuable software secrets to be learned from the experts, so pencil in a few PowerDirector workshops or final cut pro classes.

2: Know Your Weaknesses

Have a varied group of friends view some of your previous work and give you constructive criticism. Maybe you rely too much on musical interludes; maybe your penchant for shaky cam has gone from “engaging” to “nauseating.” Take all feedback to heart without offense.

3: Improve Your Speed

It’s best to get comfortable working on a schedule. If your goal is to join a production company, you’ll probably be expected to meet deadlines.

4: Don’t Forget the Details

Do the sound effects match the action? Does the sunrise need to be saturated? Content production is important, but don’t overlook the details.

5: Use a Variety of Equipment

Are you shooting all your videos with the same camera on the same dolly? Consider new opportunities to grow as an editor. Rent a crane for a day. Go old-school with handheld devices. The possibilities are endless!

6: Be Critical

Is that second shot necessary? Can you improve that transition? Always seek to improve yourself and your work as a film editor.

These are just a few tips for sharpening your skills in the video editing industry. Remember, all the greats started where you are now. Alfred Hitchcock, James Cameron and many other well-known names were once aspiring film editors just like you.