Luis Goyzueta

Luis Goyzueta is the founder, CEO and director of Stellar Mining Peru Ltd., a private equity backed mining company pursuing mid-size mining acquisitions in Peru. As the leader of one of Peru’s most ambitious mining ventures, Luis Goyzueta focuses not only on the growth of the minerals business in low-risk regions in Peru, but also on the continual implementation of sustainable practices.

Through Stellar Mining, Goyzueta strives to boost the economic potential of the region, while at the same time creating safe workplace conditions, giving back to the local community, and incorporating eco-friendly practices in the mining industry.

Luis Goyzueta has over 20 years of experience in the field of mining. Over the years, he has founded and served as an executive in three Peruvian mining companies and built the largest Biodiesel and Petroleum storage terminal in Peru. As CEO of Stellar Mining, Luis Goyzueta supported the company through the acquisition and consolidation of the Toropunto mining district, one of the largest in Peru, and he also helped develop the Piedra Iman and Santa Rosa mines.

Luis Goyzueta’s venture into the mining industry started in 1997, when he took over Compañia Minera Moria SAC & Demeter Mineria SAC. As General Manager, he succeeded to bring the Salvacion and La Virreyna mines out of bankruptcy, despite the low metal prices.

In 2006, Goyzueta founded Pure Biofuels Corp., where he led the team of engineers who built the largest bio-diesel refinery in West Latin America.

At present, Luis Goyzueta continues to drive innovation in the Peruvian mining field and strengthen the company’s presence and capabilities.

He has a Bsc in Economics and Finance from Bentley University and frequently appears as a panelist at industry conferences to talk about the importance of biofuels, green technologies, and the current state of the Latin-American marketplace.

In additional to being one of the notable figures in the Peruvian mining industry, Luis Goyzueta is also interested in technology and believes in the potential of business who use the latest tech innovations. This is why he is also an investor in many up-and-coming startups, such as Unify Technologies, a digital engineering company, and Mesa, a restaurant tech company. On his blog, Luis Goyzueta regularly talks about the latest news on the Latin-American startup market and mentions the most ambitious ventures in its growing marketplace.

In this personal life, Luis Goyzueta stands by the same ethical values that he applies in business. A devoted vegan, yoga practitioner and eco-minded individual, he believes in the power of the personal example when it comes to protecting the environment and making responsible choices. He is a firm believer in the benefits of meditation and mindfulness and says that they helped him be a better father and CEO.

Apart from his investments and business ventures, Luis Goyzueta also has a personal project he is passionate about: a book where he plans to share the things he has learned so far about life and business.

You can find Luis Goyzueta on Twitter, LinkedIn, and you can learn more about Stellar Mining on the company’s profile.