Keeping The Records

When you think about being in court, you might think about the criminals who are on trial and the various cases that are heard on a daily basis. While you might not ever step foot in a court room in your life, a court reporter must be there every time a case is heard. court reporters orange county ca offices use to record what is said during a trial have to be available so that every detail of the trial is filed. Details are important as judges will go back to look at sentences that were given, attorneys will look at testimonies and what clients said during the trial, and other court officials can use the notes that are recorded to verify any information that is needed in the future.

One of the benefits of being a court reporter is that the job is pretty flexible. You can sometimes set your own schedule if there is more than one reporter who works with you as there is only one needed in the court room. Being a court reporter is a successful career. Starting pay is usually about $50,000 with experienced reporters making about $70,000 a year. This amount will vary depending on the type of court setting you work in and the city where you work as larger cities that have more trials will be in demand of a professional reporter who knows how to keep accurate records as quickly as possible. Those who work in New York or California often make the most as these are areas that see the most trials, and some of the biggest trials, in the country.

When you get into court reporting as a career, you should be prepared to get comfortable. It looks as though there will be a significant increase in demand for reporters in the future, providing job security for those who are interested in the criminal justice field without the stress of being an attorney or a judge. You do need to have the proper degree or certification required to work as a reporter. Computer skills are a must with this job as well as a few criminal justice classes.