Many people fear to invest some money, because they feel that investing is too risky for them. While it might be the case, it is important to remember that while some investments are risky, some are not risky at all. In order to overcome your fear of investing, do something about it, such as:
-Open a saving account. Savings accounts are considered one of the least risky investments, yet they are profitable. Opening your savings account will usually be your first step to overcoming your fear of investing.
-Do not invest in too many things at the same time. Start small. Invest in one place. Wait a little bit and see how your investment goes. If it goes well, consider invest some more money in it.
-Experiment with different ways of investing. Do not be limited to one way only. Do not think that only one way of investing can bring you money.
-Invest only as much as you can afford to lose.
-Discuss your investment with your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. Never go for your investments alone.