Innovation in Games

Every once in a while I hear that we have seen everything in games. I also hear that games are becoming like music in a sense that everything has been already invented. I hardly agree with this statement, because I think that this is just an excuse for gaming companies to not feel obliged to implement new content and ideas. The reason for this is that many companies are afraid to release anything new, because they prefer to invest money on things which are certain to work. Unfortunately, the �things that work� after time get boring to players, so once they see that sales drop, somehow new ideas appear. I am sure that most gamers would have some innovative ideas of their own if they were seriously asked, so simply asking gamers if they have any ideas might be a cost-effective way to gain an edge over competition.

Recently, I heard someone saying that the speed of computers is getting doubled every eighteen months, but the quality of games decreases 10% each year. While that might be an exaggeration, it clearly shows that innovative ideas are needed, so that the market will not get stagnant. You cannot sell the same product over and over again, just with slightly different graphics.