How To Run Your Social Media Pages Like A Celebrity

Any professional at any of the many great PR firms in Tampa will tell you that social media is a huge component of their job these days. In the old days, it took a lot of effort for a public figure to market themselves. Today, a branding campaign can be launched easily and simply from one’s phone.

The biggest misconception about branding and marketing is that it’s reserved only for the rich and famous. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just about anyone in any industry can benefit from wisely marketing themselves. To make yourself a competitive job seeker and potential dating partner, follow these tips on how to run your social media pages like a celebrity.

Find That Mix Of Confident and Humble

There are two types of social media “don’ts.” The first is the egomaniac who never stops bragging about his or her elegant life. Oftentimes, this person doesn’t even really live a fabulous life, but rather just fakes it online.

The other type of social media no-no is the person who’s always putting themselves down or venting about the negative aspects of their life. Perhaps they think they’re portraying themselves as someone who people can relate to, but the truth is that they just come off like losers.

Find that sweet spot between the “woe is me” complainer and the braggadocios egomaniac. When you’re cultivating your social media presence, you want to come off as confident, but never cocky. You want to seem real and humble, but you never want to seem like you’re putting yourself down or exposing your most negative traits.

Put Some Thought Into It

There’s no shame in taking ten selfies to get the perfect one. Celebrities put a lot of thought into their social media presence. You don’t have to treat it like a second job, but there’s nothing wrong with thinking before you post. In fact, most people could probably benefit from this advice.

Social media can be a huge asset to your image and reputation; that is, if you use it correctly. Follow these tips to own your social media presence like a Hollywood celebrity.