How Credit History Can Predict Divorce

Is your credit score something you lie to your spouse or significant other about? Research now indicates that these clues can actually provide important information regarding the strength of your relationship. If you didn’t think previously that a poor credit score could influence more than your ability to qualify for loans, think again. This infographic shows how your credit score and usage can actually predict divorce in your future.

I know too many people who think that their marriage is happy only to discover one day that their spouse leaves them suddenly without any warning. I still remember what happened to one of my friends one summer many years ago. I came back from vacation and I decided to pay them a visit. They had a young daughter, who was a really sweet girl. I even bought a small gift for her. I entered their home only to see Joe in it. The house was completely empty with no signs of Barbara or their daughter Eli. I knew that something was wrong the moment I entered the house. I knew that something bad happened.

I learned that Barbara left Joe for another, richer man. She took their daughter with her as well. I have always known them as a happy couple and I never though something that terrible would happen to them. It turns out that I was wrong when it comes to that. Sometimes you think that everything in a relationship is great only to discover that in truth this is not the case.

I can say that I am sure that financial difficulties in marriage usually mean trouble. Those couples who experience financial difficulties are more likely to divorce. Financial difficulties usually mean lies, low credit score, infidelity, etc. When a couple experience financial problems, they are more likely to end up in divorce. I know that it sounds sad, but I am also sure that you would agree with me that what I am saying is true.

Is there anything you can do in order to avoid getting divorced in the future? Looking at your credit score should definitely help. You should try to find out the weak link in your credit score, identify it and then try to take step in order to fight it. Prevention is very important as it can help you avoid getting divorced in the future. Divorce can usually mean loss of a lot of money and you do not want your spouse to take all your money from you because it is simply not worth it.
How Credit History Can Predict Divorce