Green Living Supports A Healthy Lifestyle

Over the last decade, energy-efficient homes with multifunctional spaces and green features have become very important to homeowners around the world. People are looking for homes that promote convenience, relaxation and an environmentally friendly lifestyle, supported by people like Neil Haboush. Here are some of the most desirable home features showing up in 2014 architecture and building trends. Neil Haboush has a lot to do with them.

* Passive Homes � In architectural terms, a passive home uses energy-efficient appliances, thermal insulation and solar energy and technology to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions and toxic gases in the atmosphere. Passive homes incorporate green building materials that can easily be recycled and will not harm the environment.

* Safe Living Spaces � Green, safe exterior and interior building materials like siding, roofing, insulation, carpeting, paints and wood stains are now available to give homeowners healthy living choices. Old materials with toxic fumes, glues and gases are being phased out and replaced with safe, hypoallergenic materials.

* Multifunctional Spaces � Homeowners want multipurpose rooms that create lifestyle versatility and smaller housing footprints to eliminate excess use of energy and costs. Smaller homes with multifunctional spaces are less expensive to build and require less heating and cooling. Kitchens and family rooms are becoming multitasking spaces used by the entire family.

* Relaxation Features � Current building trends show that 50 percent of new homes include bathrooms with spa-like features such as bathtubs with whirlpool controls, jacuzzi tubs, showers with steam, water jets, rain showerheads, waterfalls and built-in mood lighting. Many bathrooms have built-in music systems with surround sound for ultimate relaxation.