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Google analytics can be extremely helpful when it comes to guiding your marketing strategy. The information that can be gathered easily put you in the drivers’ seat when it comes to making effective decisions to grow your business. There are a few areas that can be utilized to help guide your efforts in a more strategic manner.

Website Traffic
Traffic is fundamentally important. Without traffic, your business doesn’t have the means to grow and prosper. This is why traffic is commonly the main concern for many people when they are trying to grow their e-business.Traffic is the usually a high priority when it comes to Google analytics. This analytic can help uncover reasons why your site may not attract much traffic. Conversely, it can also uncover why your site continues to drive traffic so that you can continue with these successful efforts.

Acquisition is a broad analytic that covers many different areas. Acquisition allows you to look at several metrics that include Clicks,
Cost, Bounce rate, Conversion rate, and SEO. In essence, this analytic lets you know where all your traffic is coming from and which ones are the busiest. When you look at the number of clicks, your costs to drive traffic, the number of visitors that access your site and leave almost immediately, and the number of people that actually become customers. This analytic even addresses search engine optimization. It’s a comprehensive snapshot of many different yet related metrics of your business.

This analytic is a snapshot of the entire shopping experience from inception to purchase. This is important information because this information is vital to improving the whole shopping experience. This analytic will explore metrics like product performance, checkout behavior, the shopper, overall sales, and traffic. These are all vital metrics when it comes to improving the whole shopping experience. For example, you may want to explore the number of fluorescent sockets replacement products that you have been selling. This analytic can provide detailed information. This information is useful in determining areas of opportunity for change and improvement.

Google analytics are invaluable tools that can be used to help increase and improve your e-business. The metrics that the analytics cover provide vital information to help guide your goals. Google analytics can also uncover areas of strengths and weaknesses which are invaluable.