Finding The Right Refractory Materials

Finding the right Refractory Materials can be a hassle, but there are some companies out there who truly have experience and knowledge to create superior products. Oxidizer Service offers all types of specialty refractory materials including waterless and rapid cure, ceramic fiber insulation and Thermbond materials. You can use these materials easily for a variety of projects, whether you need insulation or refractory for fast turnaround and repairs, flexible insulation and engineered castable refractory materials. The Thermbond is a two part system that uses both liquid activator and blended dry aggregate. This is high tech stuff and yet still affordable for your project. These materials are very easy to install, especially the Thermbond. The set times are quick and allow you to start working immediately. In addition, the company offers a lot of services including specification, installation and services for any other types of refractory or insulation materials that you are working with. The engineers who work for Oxidizer Services research a variety of new technologies so you can trust that these products are the latest and also the strongest for your project. These materials were made to manage heat and protect equipment from any damaging effects that your project may cause. Using Oxidizer’s refractory materials guarantees a safer workplace and a better project performance, just ask the engineers who have worked tirelessly to create these amazing materials for whatever you need them to do. Whether it’s waterless, ceramic fiber or Thermbond, try the insulation and refractory materials from Oxidizer to see just why so many people choose this company.