Features of An Award-Winning Business Plan

Nearly every flourishing business usually has its origins from a great business plan that was penned down with a lot of research and information pertaining to the given marketing niche.

Unfortunately for many, a business plan can be quite a rushed affair, especially if one happens to penetrate the market early on.� That�s because they fail to grasp its importance.

That being said, it�s usually risky to start, let alone run a business without having a solid business plan in place.

Hence, if one plans on writing a business plan, here are some vital features that the business plan should definitely have!

An Executive Summary

In the outline of a great business plan, the executive summary should always follow the title page of the plan. Moreover, the summary should explain in vivid detail the main reasons as to what one would like to achieve. In fact, this is extremely important. All too often, most business owners do not like to express their desires in the summary, and usually leave them for a later state. Instead, make it a habit to clear state the requests in the summary.

Business description

The business description usually kicks off with a short intro into the industry that one plans to target. When one discusses the target industry, it is always important that they mention the present state of the industry, as well as its future possibilities.

Moreover, ensure to provide important info on any new products as well as developments in the industry that may, or may not, affect the proposed business.

Marketing Strategies

Only after one has meticulously analyzed and studied the market can they come up with effective marketing strategies. In fact, an entrepreneur should familiarize themselves with all the aspects of the market so that the target market can be efficiently defined, and the company can gain proper leverage when targeting its share of sales.

Competitive analysis

The main reason to have competitive analysis in place is to deduce the strength and weaknesses of the competitors present within the market. This not only provides one with a distinct advantage, but also provides one with the knowledge to exploit the product development cycle.

Design and development plan

The main reason for having a design and development section in a business plan is to give investors a detailed description of the product�s layout and design. This will make it easier for the investors to come up with a credible development budget that will make it possible for the company to achieve its goals.

Operations and management plan

This particular section is designed to give investors a heads up as to exactly how the business will be operating on a continuous basis. It will highlight certain logistics to the organization, such as the responsibilities that will be allocated to the management team, as well as the day to day operations of the business.

Financial factors

Last but not least, the finishing touch to any noteworthy business plan is the financial factors. Here, one has the freedom to discuss the financial needs of the proposed business, such as the funding, the estimated dividends, the growth revenue, amongst many others.

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