Dreaming at Work

If you find yourself wanting to escape your office, don’t worry, you are not alone. Even if you have some very comfy furniture, such as the furniture provided by Furniture At Work #furnitureatwork, you are still prone to daydreaming. There are many other people like you who are “guilty” of daydreaming about being someplace else rather than their office. Been there, done that. The month of January can be rather brutal: you sit in your office only to hear the wind howling behind your window. You know that there is no escape: even if you finish your work early you are greeted by cold weather. You hear about your friend having plans to go to Spain for the next week. You are happy for her but there is no way you could do the same. You have obligations that force you to stay in the country, and there is absolutely no way to change that.

There are some ways to make your office experience so much better especially during winter months. If you are allowed to do so, you might want to bring in some music with you. If it is not allowed, have some tunes on your smartphone and listen to them on your lunch break. They are guaranteed to cheer you up. One thing I always like to do is to bring myself different types of tea in different flavours. Warm tea only tastes good in winter, so why not use this opportunity to experience something that might not be possible later one.

I also value the comfort of my office chair. the office chair is the most valuable component I can possibly think of, and it took me a few good tries before I finally found something that was good for me. If you haven’t found your office chair yet, don’t give up just yet, because they are many good chairs out there that you might want to try.