Customer Service in the Digital Age

From time to time we all have to contact a customer service, maybe because we bought something that is faulty, or maybe we have not received a product that should have arrived some time ago. There are so many reasons to contact such services these days that most of us have probably had some dealing with them during the last month or a couple of months.

Depending on the customer service I have contacted, I am sometimes left feeling hot or cold. Of course, I can easily recall those situations in my life when I was happy with the service I received (you will know what I am talking about here once you visit, but at other times I was completely unsatissfied or even offended.

Probably the biggest complaint I have towards many customer service employees is their rudeness. I understand that not everybody is a happy person like me, but being rude on the phone for no reason just doesn’t justify the means. I just hope that every time I speak to somebody who doesn’t seem to be fit for the job he or she is going to be soon replaced by somebody who actually enjoys speaking to people and helping them instead of just choosing to be not nice for no apparent reason.

Below you can find a very interesting infographic that shows that the customer service has generally improved for the last couple of decades thanks to the progress in technology. You can join a discussion at #AtYourService if you feel like voicing your opinion on the topic. How has your recent experience leave you feel: hot or cold? Was there anybody in particular recently who either was very helpful and friendly, or on the contrary: rude and unhelpful? Feel free to share with me your experiences as I myself would like to know that I am not the only one who wishes that some people out there working in customer service behaved better than they currently do.