Corporate Events

Organising a corporate event is never easy. Whether it�s a big conference, a series of courses, or something potentially more relaxed like a Christmas party or awards dinner, you want your staff to be talking about it for all the right reasons. That�s where the services of a professional events arranging firm come in. These companies will handle all the nitty gritty for you, finding a suitable location, liaising with the venue�s management, designing themes, table plans, sourcing entertainment or speakers. They take all the hassle out of putting on a big event because they�re experts at simply making things work.

We�ve all been there, I�m sure. The �team building� day that ends up with someone resigning. The Christmas party where the boss is found in a compromising situation with another staff member. The awards dinner where the loser sits in a corner drinking themselves unconscious, then throws up in the hotel foyer when they�re finally woken up and ejected. From buffets that run out of food to bars that run dry, speakers that send listeners to sleep and courses that teach nothing much except the art of being bored, these nightmares can be a thing of the past if you hire a corporate events organiser.

Team building events are always ripe for problems. What�s not to like about a day away from the office? Well, quite a lot, if it�s not handled right. The thing with a team building event is that it doesn�t have to be a full day. It can be as little as one hour, in the style of a conference energiser. Imagine the surprise of scheduling a drumming workshop or corporate haka performance in the middle of a list of speakers. Or for a smaller number of people, how about an afternoon out in the fresh air undertaking a sporting challenge or an inter-departmental team game?

For corporate dinners, forget decking out the staff canteen and hiring an amateur band. With a professional organiser you can host your staff in a top notch hotel, with entertainment laid on before and after the meal. You can be sure that your Christmas parties will be more memorable with the services of a corporate events arranger too. They will know how best to bring out your staff�s fun side, to make it an evening to remember, even if the hangover might be one to forget!

Jazzing up conferences and training days can safely be handed over to a corporate events organiser too. Think how much more your new staff will enjoy their induction if the first experience they have as an employee features a storytelling contest. That puts the spotlight on them, not simply having them sit there listening to senior management and trying to absorb all the new rules and regulations. Balloon art is more of a visual challenge, and if you choose to award prizes for the best creation as well, then your employees will feel valued straight away. If you need to test your staff on any given subject then you could consider having a quiz show format instead of a written test.

Conferences, training days and personal development courses are an integral part of many workers� lives these days. The workplace is constantly evolving, and there are very few companies who are doing things the same way now as they did five or even ten years ago. That dynamic translates to constant change, and some workers are going to find it more difficult to adjust than others. New software is the one which catches many people out, because as the software companies evolve their product, so the end users have to adapt too. If the necessary training to enable that change can be made as accessible and enjoyable as possible, that can only be a good thing. Employees who feel excluded from the company because of decisions made on high without consultation will likely resign, whereas if those decisions which affect the company as a whole are doled out with a large side order of humour as well, that will undoubtedly make things easier. Imagine if the next software training day isn�t held in the windowless, soulless training room at the office, but is presented instead at a custom-sourced venue by a motivational speaker who brings in the idea of building a new civilisation as part of the presentation. Then the trainees get the chance to try to create their own world as well, maybe using elements of the new software system they�ve just been hearing about

It is true, hiring a professional arranger isn�t cheap. But in terms of the spin they can put on your event, team building day, training course, dinner or conference, they are worth every penny. Now, a memorable event does not necessarily make a motivated workforce, but it can go a long way towards fostering a happier mood in the office. Big name companies such as the BBC, BT, IBM and British Airways have all used corporate events organisers in the past. Isn�t it time you considered that option for your company?