Important Information About Home and Commercial Monitoring

There are only a few things that you can guarantee in life, but the safety of your home or business is not one of them. Alarm Relay offers alarm monitoring services for both homes and businesses, and many customers find that we make life easier for them. While they cannot install a new alarm system in your home or provide your company with an alarm system, they can work with the system that you choose and install. Contact them to learn more about their monitoring and what it can do for you.

For Homes

Homeowners today need more protection than ever before. Thieves case entire streets, blocks and neighborhoods and look for signs of unprotected homes. They might note that the timers you use turn on the lights when no one is home, but they�ll also notice the way you leave your garage door open and the newspapers piled up on your lawn or front door. Before those thieves break in and leave you concerned about the future, find out whether security system monitoring will work for your home.

For Businesses

Business owners can lose hundreds of dollars from the registers and thousands in merchandise and inventory during a single break in or robbery. They also need to deal with the risk of employee theft. Even those workers who successfully pass a criminal background check and drug test can steal from an employer and disappear without a trace. Monitoring services for commercial purposes can track the movements of employees and keep an accurate record of those stopping by or visiting a commercial business.

Contact An Alarm Monitoring Company

Companies like Alarm Relay understand that you cannot always take time away from your business schedule to ask a few questions or find out more before selecting an alarm monitoring company. They have offices open Monday through Friday, from 7 am to 5:30 pm and from 8 am to 5 pm on Saturdays PST for your convenience. If you can�t make a phone call to their toll-free number, you can easily get in touch via email. They also accept faxes and snail mail. Whether you want to purchase monitoring services for your home or business, or you want to make sure that you choose the right services, take the time to get in touch with one of their representatives to get more information first.