Can you use social media for your Mobile App Promotion?

There have been uncountable changes in the world of internet since it was first brought into our lives in the year 1990. Out of all the changes, the biggest one has been the invention of social media. No matter what platform it is, social media has brought the entire world together in the most literal sense of the phrase.

The marketing tactics of enterprise an start-ups across the world have been changed based on the social media platforms they’re targeting. In a world where an average person spends a crazy amount of their daily time on their smartphones, industries like entertainment, e-commerce, everyone has dipped their feet in the waters of social media marketing.

How these companies follow some of the best marketing strategies and promote their products and services is one thing but can social media platforms be really used for the promotion of Mobile applications?

The answer is, yes. Companies as big as Netflix, Uber, Amazon (Amazon prime), all are mobile application service providers. Some in entertainment sector, others in on-demand industry but they provide services through mobile applications and they’re prominent on every social media channel, therefore, it is safe to say that social media marketing for your application is not just an idea, rather, it’s a great idea.

Let us move forward and have a look at the possible strategies that can be followed to put your mobile app on the map of visibility on various social media platforms.

  1. Establishment of a remarkable online presence

SOcial media presence takes a while to build itself up. You cannot just land up on a new platform and expect deals and leads to flow into your pipeline. It’s a rather gradual process. ANd like the name suggests, it is built by being socially present on these platforms. The same rule holds true for your mobile app development company or mobile application itself.

Only research can help in cases of new businesses. Research to identify your target audience, your competitors, the strategies implemented by your competitors on social media platforms, etc. will help in giving you a headstart about marketing your own product.

  1. Enhancing your visibility

This strategy is the main objective behind any social media platform – to put you on the map. In simpler words, if you want to let the world know about the amazing a mobile application that you have to offer or that you’re a serious mobile app developer, you have to be regular and constantly present on these platforms. In this way, more and more audience will start recognizing you and may be even start asking questions. You can use those questions in your posts to answer them. This will start building a relation between you and your followers, and slowly more people will start recognizing you and your application. In other words, you will gain more visibility.

  1. Always be open to feedback from the users

Social media platforms are open platforms. That means that users are allowed to voice their opinion at any point of time about anything. And keeping in mind that you have created an application for people to use, always be open to their reviews and feedbacks. As the end users, it is best to provide upgrades based on real time feedbacks from customers. It will give you an insight in what they want and what you might have missed in you mobile app that could be added further.

Secondly, responding positively to customer feedbacks builds a reputation in the market and the word spreads to let more users know about your product.

  1. Make use of paid advertisements

There is always a feature of paid advertisement provided in every social media platform. Organic traffic, audience and customers are the best, without arguments. However, when you are only beginning to step into the industry and still working hard to root yourself, paid advertisements caan work like a charm. They increase your reach, visibility and engagements manifold. Additionally, you can always select the interests of people you want to target, the number of days and the maximum reach you want to buy. This means that there will never be any blind arrows shot when it comes to paid advertisements.

These are some of the core values of social media marketing. Over and above everything, you should always be constantly active and engaging on these platforms. Because, remember, as difficult it is to gain followers, it is as easy to lose them due to inactivity. Always let your users know what upgrade will be coming next, or what new features are on the way, answer their questions, build a network on the basis of give and take. Commenting and acknowledging other people’s work and being genuine always goes a long way.

Now for the question we started with, that whether or not it is possible to use social media for your mobile app promotion?
The answer is still Yes. With the right tactics and strategies, it is more than possible to build the platform for your mobile application through social media.