Business Card Design Tips

Having a great business card that attracts customers is not just listing your company name on a small paper. Instead use the hundreds of ways that you can design and format your business card, of course, with your contact included, that really makes your company stand out.

Remember your business card is often the first impression of your firm in your prospects minds. Make your business card work for you to help make connections and network to new business deals.

Follow these guidelines to make your business card perform well for your company.

Only the Most Important Info

You do not need to include every piece of information on your small business card in tiny print. That is an amateur move that reduces the effectiveness of your card as a sales pitch.

Powerful business cards are meant to attract interest and be memorable and that is virtually impossible when you try to print an essay on a small card. Instead be selective and only include the most important information on your card.

Get Printed Professionally

Don’t try to save a few pennies by printing your business cards at home on your office computer printer. It is such a turnoff to new customers and indicates a lack of professionalism on your part and makes a poor first impression.

Today business cards can be printed professionally for under $20 so even the entrepreneur with the tightest budget can afford professionally printed business cards. Save more with this Tim Ferriss 99designs code for your logo design.

Make it Easily Readable

Save those quirky fonts for your personal Christmas cards and leave them off your business card. Be certain that the typeface fonts that you utilize on your business card are not too small or difficult to read. Remember many people may not have their glasses readily available so make the font large enough to read at a glance easily.

Your logo is the design element that should communicate strongly and add interest. The text is merely to communicate data and support your logo’s brand message.

Leave White Space

Many new entrepreneurs try to cover their business card with so much color and information that the vital brand message gets lost. It is better to leave white space for the eye to relax and also to allow your customers to make a notes on your cards.

Design for Your Customer

If your firm has multiple product lines, consider using both sides of your business card one for each business division –  if your businesses are complementary.  However if you have two very different business functions create a separate business card for each company to avoid confusion. Design a more powerful message on each card to speak directly to that type of customer.

Choose Options Carefully

Today there are so many attention grabbing finishes available for business cards it can be tempting to use them all. Some of the most popular are rounded corners, die cut, hole punches, unusual sizes, foil embossing and folds to turn a business card into a small brochure. All these design elements are terrific but be sure that you choose one that is related to your brand and not just cool.

Add a Call to Action

While your business card needs to remain simple and streamlined that doesn’t mean that you cannot add a special offer. Create a short message that offers a discount or a helpful guide on your website which will be useful to your customer.