Building a Following for Your Law Blog Using Tumblr

Creating a law blog that is reputable and credible requires hard work and plenty of knowledge in various areas of the law today. Whether you are a lawyer yourself or simply have an avid interest in the law, creating a blog with different social mediums including Tumblr can give you the platform you need to share your voice. Building a following with a law blog using Tumblr is possible with a bit of time, effort and a commitment to delivering useful and high-quality content to visitors and followers.

Create an Image for Yourself Professionally

When registering a new Tumblr username and URL it is important to keep in mind the image you want to portray and the type of content you plan to write and publish. Using your professional and legal name is one option in addition to utilizing trending law keywords and phrases.

Use the Right Tags

Tumblr allows users the ability to add specific tags to each post uploaded and published, regardless of the type of content you are sharing. Using popular and relevant tags with each post increases visibility and helps to promote your blog into higher rankings within the search engine integrated with Tumblr itself. Adding tags to each of your posts is also an ideal method to create an easy way to search and find content that is relevant to your users’ interests.

Follow Successful Bloggers on Tumblr

Following successful bloggers and professionals who use Tumblr as a base to share content and new information is vital to growing your own personal brand and image. Following blogs such as the Wilson Neely tumblr along with other well-known professionals who specialize in law and finance is a way for you to create new connections with those who can also provide promotion while generating you additional leads and followers.

Keep Current With News and Laws

In order to retain your audience and continue to build onto the number of followers you have it is imperative to remain current with the latest laws in place as well as the news that is being covered in your areas of interest. Ensuring you cultivate original and unique content that is not found on other similar law blogs is a way to stand out to others while creating an original voice for yourself with the Tumblr platform. Always be sure to give quotes credit where they are due while incorporating a reference list to ensure you are capable of providing facts when necessary.

Create a Unique and Customized Look

Tumblr gives users the opportunity to generate and create their own theme and layout while also providing an entire library of both paid and free options to implement. Using a professional and modern theme for your law blog is another way to outshine competition while also building a credible and viable reputation for yourself within the field of law.

Understanding the benefits Tumblr has to offer and learning how to utilize the platform to your advantage is a quick way to gain followers while creating a professional reputation for yourself. Whether you plan to share tips regarding the law with fellow followers or if you are a journalist interested in the sector of law, putting Tumblr to work for you is an ideal method of making yourself known in any industry and field.