A Small Guide On How to Cut Your Printer Ink Costs

As we all know printer ink can be quite costly and if you are a regular user these costs can add up to quite a bit of money. Obviously businesses need to be printing quite a lot so we have done a small guide on how to cut your printer ink costs.

  1. Compatible printer ink

There are basically 2 options when it comes to buying printer ink..original brand and a compatible or generic brand of ink cartridges. Compatible ink cartridges cost less than the original branded ink and a lot of the time contain more ink making the savings even better! To make sure you are using a good quality compatible cartridge look for a good online supplier that guarantees their product.

2.Buy in bulk:

Again sticking to compatible cartridges most online stores offer bulk pricing where you can make extra savings. If you know you are going to be using a certain amount of printer ink over time then this is the best option.

3.Cut down on paper usage:

Are you printing everything that comes into your email address? Try to send invoices and notices out by email to help cut your ink costs. This might seem obvious but many businesses still print every document they come in contact with. This will obviously help cut down on unnecessary printing and thus save on printer ink.

So when it comes to cutting your printer ink costs going with compatible inks, buying larger quantities and cutting down on your paper usage can help your bottom line. Spend less on ink cartridges and spend more on the things you love!