A Few Words about Inboud Marketing

I am not exactly sure how many of you are familiar with the idea of Inbound Marketing. When I talk to some of the people I work with, probably more than half of them know more or less what the idea of inbound marketing is. It is for those who don’t know that much about it that I am writing this particular post.

When there was no Internet around, which was still reality over a decade ago (I know that it might be hard to imagine a world without the Internet, but even I grew up surrounded by nothing else than TV, books and newspapers. It is really hard to picture that, especially if you are younger than me, right?) marketers would take advantage of various channels such as TV, radio, billboard signs, newspapers, etc. I am aware that those things are still around, but one problem with it is that more and more people decide to switch to the Internet as their source of information. What is more, TV adverts or radio adverts can be rather pricey when you look at how much such ads are going to cost you if you choose to opt for them. It is definitely not the case when it comes to Digital Marketing, which starts to play a more and more pivotal role in the world these days. I can even say that TV advertising can be overly expensive and can mean that only the richest people out there can actually afford it. This is not true when it comes to digital marketing or inbound marketing, which is very closely-related to online marketing.

I am glad that the Internet changed everything. Thanks to the Internet, no matter how big or small your company is, you should be able to afford to advertise on the Internet thanks to something known as search engine optimisation, also known as SEO to many internet users from all around the world.

As you can probably imagine, inbound marketing is the opposite of outbound marketing. While some companies, especially those bigger ones, decide to still use outbound marketing as a way to advertise, more and more companies also realise that inbound marketing is the way to go in today’s digital world that relies heavily on the Internet.

The term inbound marketing encompasses a large number of various internet marketing techniques and strategies. Inbound marketing means everything from SEO, to email marketing, blogging and lead nurturing. These are some of the examples of inbound marketing,but of course since the market is expanding and the Internet gains more and more popularity, so does the role of inbound marketing as well as the number of marketing strategies associated with it.

Who can benefit from this particular form of marketing. The answer to this question is simple and straightforward: everybody can benefit from this form of marketing. It also helps to know something about the Internet before starting to advertise that way. Alternatively, one can always hire some help in the form of SEO companies that can help a person be ranked highly in all major internet search engines.