9 Reasons to Invest in a Huddle Solution for Your Business

Video conferencing has made a lot of great ideas possible and one of the best ones is the creation of huddle rooms. These are rooms designed to provide the best environment for meetings. Here are some of the reasons why you need to invest in one or a few of your own today:

Multi-functional space

These days, plenty of companies have open floor plans. That means, instead of too many areas reserved for employees who only use their offices for certain hours of the day, companies are well able to designate for areas for cubicles or huddle rooms, says Tech Decisions. If many of your employees work a number of days at home or don�t work during the 8 to 5 schedule, then a huddle room might just the addition you need to make your space even more multi-functional and collaborative-ready.

Better audio

The problem with many open-floor space designs is that the audio environment isn�t all that good. People could swing by or talk in the background and completely disrupt the meeting. By switching to huddle rooms, companies have found a way to improve audio, ensuring less to zero disruptions. That means you get greater productivity out of your meetings.

Less costs

The costs of maintaining a huge IT system could suck your capital dry. That�s reason enough to stay away from infrastructure that require costly upgrades. If you want to save up on costs, cloud-based solutions like huddle rooms now offer ways to save you a whole lot so you won�t have to watch those system costs take a chunk out of your bottom line and ROI.

More time

Time management is a constant issue. Commuting to and from the office takes time. If you need to be in a meeting with a client, you�ll need to allot a few minutes to an hour, depending on where you are, so you can arrive for the meeting on time. With video, though, you can easily get things done from the huddle room at your office. With the technology, you won�t have to waste another minute getting to and from your meetings. You can also get back to work in no time since all it would take is a few steps or a short elevator ride or two to get back to your desk.

No more travel

One of the best things about huddle rooms is that you won�t have to travel anywhere for your meetings, says Lifewire. It provides you with anywhere, anytime access so you could get things done�meet, work on a project, reach out to your staff, etc.�all from the huddle room. It�s an excellent way to bring together onsite and remote teams together.

Improve employee engagement

Visual contact is a much better way to communicate with your remote team than emails or chats. With great options like the BlueJeans Huddle solutions, you can boost engagement levels among offsite employees. The higher their engagement levels are, the less likely they are to leave. If you want to keep the best people on your team, investing in a huddle room that makes it easy to connect and communicate with your team, anywhere they happen to be in the world, is worth it.

Greater flexibility

Huddle rooms also make it easy for everyone to log onto that meeting. If you�re stuck in traffic, no worries. Just connect to the invitation online and you�ll be able to talk with your team, whether they�re in the huddle room or on their own phone, tablet or laptop. That�s because plenty of huddle packages out there are multi-platform-ready. That means you can use it on any platform, making it easy for users to switch from one device to another. So, if you think your laptop will run out of battery during the meeting, you can turn on your mobile phone and switch to that one easily enough.

Solid connection

Huddle rooms also demonstrate better quality in terms of video and audio clarity. If you want to make sure your calls, meetings and conferences via video happen without any blurry visuals or awful audio, video conferencing hubs like a huddle room can provide you with what you need.

Human conversation

With high quality visuals, it�s easy to get see the rest of the people in the meeting. You can get a good fix on the nuances of their expressions, read their body language and feel like they�re right in the room with you. It’s more than a video call, it�s a way to make your conversations more personal and human.

Final Word

With so many advantages to bring to the table, you have more than enough reasons to give huddle systems a try. If you want to start changing the way you do your business, it�s about time you added this to your roster of communication tools.