4 Great Ways to Quickly Optimize Your Website

Website optimization should be approached from several angles. You’ll want to approach from an SEO standpoint, which means improving your website for marketing to search engines. But you’ll also want to improve it from a content standpoint, which means making your website more appealing to the people who visit it. The good news is that a lot of the things you do for SEO optimization will also spill over into content optimization, and vice-versa. The following four tips will work for both SEO and content optimization:

Use call to action terms.
Call to action terminology, such as “get a free quote” or “sign up for our newsletter” get right to the point as to what you would like your website visitors to do. Additionally, it makes it easier for your visitors to do various things on your website, such as register an account, or view your latest offers.

Use headlines and icons.
Headline fonts should be larger than paragraph fonts. They should also be bold, and possibly a different color (such as black, while general text can be a dark gray). Use simplistic icons like arrows, alert symbols, and other things to draw the eye to prominent parts of your website.

Enhance your metas.
The meta tags of your website — titles and descriptions — are ideal spots for rich keywords and short but descriptive text. This information will show up in SERPS (search engine results pages), so you’ll want to tweak it regularly to make it fit with your other optimization campaigns, and to effectively market your site. Use keyword selection guides to help you find the appropriate strong and supportive keywords to use in your metas. And make sure to repeat these keywords throughout your website for consistency.

Register a Facebook page and a Twitter account, verify both, and then get to branding and building your following. Building a following on these social networks as well as others (Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus) will go a long way in building your reputation and credibility. Plus, an increase in followers on social media means more views and click-thrus to your website.