Family Member

I don’t usually write about personal matters on this blog, but I wanted to make an exception as it is regarding a family member.

Some time ago, a dear aunt of mine developed a blood clot in her left leg. Aunt Flora had suspected that they day like this would come, but since she was a smoker most of her life not that much could have been done about it. I guess smoking when you are at the risk of having a blood clot aggravates the problem making it a lot worse.

So long story short, aunt Flora had a blood clot treatment, which was successful by the way and she managed to overcome the challenge resulting from her having a blood clot. She is well today, and she finally gave up her smoking after many many years of doing so. I am glad that she decided to do so because it was so sad to see her smoke and to see how her health was affected by it.

If you are a smoker, I would like you to make sure that you do everything to prevent blood clots. They are a rather serious condition, and everything you can do to avoid it is definitely worth the effort. If you have problems stopping smoking, join a support group.

5 mistakes not to make when hosting a conference

Planning and hosting a conference comes with a lot of responsibility and there is added pressure to ensure the conference goes as smoothly as possible. With speakers to book, timetables to plan, invites to send out and much more it is not surprising that mistakes can be made.

Here are 5 common mistakes that you should try to avoid making when hosting your own conference.

Don’t be too content centric

It can be hard not to get caught up in planning every minute detail of the content that will be covered at a conference. Instead, try to ‘go with the flow’ and don’t be afraid to go slightly off topic. Attendees will find the conference far more enjoyable and informative if they are able to contribute to the conference discussions and gain information outside of the specified topics.

Forgetting to incorporate breaks into the schedule

There is often a lot to cover in a conference and it can be tempting to try and cram activities into every second. However, to avoid tiring your audience out you should plan regular breaks in the schedule so that they are able to relax and digest the information they have learnt.

Going overboard with social media

When it comes to using social media to promote your event remember to focus on quality not quantity. Use a designated hashtag across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to connect with followers and attendees of the event. Post updates about interesting developments or insights that people will be interested in reading.

Try not to flood people’s timelines with repetitive comments or updates that offer little value, this will have the opposite of the intended effect.

Inadequately planning the catering

Offering good quality food and refreshments is crucial if your guests are to feel relaxed and comfortable. Don’t try to fulfil the catering requirements on your own, instead contact a reliable catering company who can supply your conference with the refreshments needed.

Poor time management

Effectively managing time is a key part of ensuring that your conference runs smoothly. If sessions starts are delayed or run over the allocated time this can cause a knock on effect that interrupts your whole schedule. Remind speakers of the time when they must begin the presentations and remind them when they are near the end of their session.

When it comes to lunch and refreshment breaks also ensure that there are enough provisions and serving stations. Long queues can cause guests to become frustrated and running out of coffee could be catastrophic!

5 Reasons to Move to a Paperless System

Going paperless helps more than just the environment. Although many trees may be saved by businesses going digital, the bottom line is the overall costs. Using available technology to streamline the business keeps more money in the bank accounts while increasing productivity. Given the nature of technology integration, a digital platform for business is the logical choice for reducing stress and enhancing the process. Why should you look closer at digital alternatives?

Material Costs

Obviously, moving to a digital system will save on paper and ink costs for the business. At the same time, it’s also saving maintenance costs of the printers. Filing cabinets can take up a great deal of space compared to that of a hard drive. As you pay for square footage of the establishment, you can optimize the use of that space.

Locating Documents Faster

With document management systems, you don’t have to spend hours digging through filing cabinets to find important information regarding a client or employee. Quick and easy search criteria can pull that file up on your computer screen in less than a minute. Products like Konica Minolta document management can keep those files easy to find and secured.

Remote Accessibility

In today’s business world, mobility is a key component to enhanced productivity. Many management systems integrate well into the remote-access dynamic of virtually any business platform. This means you can access those important files even if you’re working in another country. In a few minutes, you can pull up pertinent information for clients while on location without having to carry around a manilla folder or envelope.

Better Disaster Recovery

Paper is incredibly fragile when it comes to the elements. Floods, fires and other natural disasters can easily destroy files and documents. However, redundant digital copies can keep that information protected by storing that information off-site. Since copying digital files is easier than paper counterparts, you can make several copies providing enhanced methods of disaster recovery.

Saving Money on Employee Costs

Every action your employees take cost the business money. If someone takes an hour to find an important document, that is an hour the business paid them for rooting around in a filing cabinet. Since a digital search can literally take seconds to complete, that hour could be spent on other productive tasks. Essentially, you can get more work out of an employee within any given day.

When it comes to making your business more efficient, you owe it to everyone involved to take a closer look at what can be implemented. Sometimes, even the smallest of changes can make great impacts on the company for the better. Take a look around your facility and realize that there may be more you can do to increase the solidarity of your organization.

Never Enough of Music

I don’t know about you but I never have enough music. I simply like to listen to it especially in the evening when it is so cozy in my home and when nobody disturbs me. This is why when I heard about Live 9 I was immediately on it and I knew that I had to do something about it. Music will always be a huge part of my life and I want to keep it that way.

Understanding why brigade group projects investment is the safest.

Investment is a tricky business and everybody knows that. One has to be very sure about where he is investing before the investment. Investing business generally involves lot of money and if you invest in some wrong place then all your money goes into waste. That is the reason why people always term investing as a tricky and a risky business. People who are professionals in this field know where to invest and where to not. They exactly know which project will prove beneficial to them and which won’t. The professionals are well aware of which the safest investment is and which is not. There are many projects coming up in cities all over India but the one has that caught everyone’s attention are the new projects in Bangalore. New projects in Bangalore like Brigade Northridge have been placed under spotlight for its amazing features and facilities.


A certain person invests in a project when the project looks promising. For the project to look promising the things required are a good location, a good scenery; natural or artificial, goof facilities and amenities in the house, spacious and comfortable apartment, affordable price, good infrastructure, good pre and post sale services, good security and promising future. Here are the reason mentioned and explained in detail why Brigade Northridge, one of the new projects in Bangalore is a great option for investing.

1)      The project kicks off with the tagline which is “The Right home in the right location at the right place”.  Without fail the tagline leaves us wanting to know more about this project. Also the picture which welcomes us to the details of the project on the real estate portal looks stunning and exotic. The tagline speaks roughly about all the things mentioned in the previous paragraph which talks about features of a promising project.

2)      People now-a-days want a luxury lifestyle but in affordable prices. That is exactly what Brigade Northridge promises. It looks at apartment building from a whole new and different perspective leaving every apartment spacious and beautiful. The infrastructure of the projects provides you lot of space to experiment your ideas in the house and lets you decorate your house the way you want it. Other new projects in Bangalore limit themselves to the vastu and don’t experiment out of the box.

3)      This project gives you opportunities to enrich your mind, soul and your mood with the correctly positioned windows giving room for ample sunlight and moonlight. The scenery around the project is beautiful which mesmerizes you. It makes your life more serene and tranquil. The lush green surroundings makes everyday beautiful.

4)      The project consists of 2 and 3 BHK apartments clubbed in 2 Buildings. The starting price of the apartments is 62.61 Lakhs. Brigade Northridge is located at Kogilu road near Kns Institute of technology making it an appropriate location for working and learning people. The commutation in Bangalore is not a problem and therefore travelling won’t be a problem for resident of this project.

New projects in Bangalore are getting popular day by day due to the efficiency of the builders and the team working under the builders. The builders have made sure that every person who lives in Bangalore and who wishes to live in Bangalore will get a luxurious, lavish, world class, top class and high standard of living and affordable apartments. They have maintained a feature of attractiveness in their projects immediately making the people want to buy a flat or an apartment in that project.

In all the project by Brigade Group seems to have a high investment value and a promising future.

Why you should find a reliable company secretary for your business

Are you planning to start up a business? Singapore is one of best place to do business in the world and you should find one of the best consultants around to assist you with your work and also to do well in Singapore.

Corporate Secretary are inexpensive business consultants who are able to guide you and help you with your business requirements. There are quite some governance items in Singapore that you need to watch out for and the interpretation of the company act can be done by the corporate secretary I Singapore that is experienced in the field to assist you with such complicated work that you as a founder may be too busy to work on.

Company Secretary services also allows you to learn about some of the requirements that you have to go through as a director of the company so that you do not make mistakes that might get your into trouble in future and this is something that you should watch out for in the Singapore context as the power of law is very strong in this country and you may not want to be on the wrong side of the law.

A company secretary will also be able to set out resolutions for you so that you do not have to dig the law books to find out what are the legal documents that you need to sign to transfer your shares, what documents to sign for your annual general meetings, what documents to prepare for you to appoint a new director. This are the things that the professional will be best to support you with and they are definitely best able to advice the needs of your business on their part.

Register Company in Singapore and you are also able to take advantage of the low taxes and high quality of government response, business her is done within a day and banks are located in the business district and everyone is eager to get things done.

Job talents are also easy to come by.

Find out more now!

Winter Road Warriors: 6 Tips for Mountain Drivers

Driving in the mountains can pose a challenge for some inexperienced motorists. This is especially true during the peak of winter. Here are six important mountain driving tips.

Maintain the tires
In order for a vehicle to have the optimum amount of traction on the road, the tires need to be in good condition. However, cold weather has a tendency to cause tires to lose air pressure. This means that the tire pressure needs to be checked more frequently during the winter. To be on the safe side, drivers should also keep a set of snow chains stored in the trunk.

Slow down
In the event that snow begins to stick to the pavement, the driver will need to slow down accordingly. It takes much longer to stop when traveling on a slick road surface. If the temperature has dipped below freezing, drivers need to be especially careful. Although the roads may appear to be clear, there could still be black ice present.

Install upgraded light bulbs
While some animals hibernate during the winter, most remain active throughout the year. Upgrading to a set of LED headlight bulbs will help drivers to see animals that are attempting to cross the road at night. Advanced bulbs such as the 921 led bulb also make the vehicle more noticeable to oncoming traffic.

Shift to a lower gear when descending a mountain
When traveling down a steep mountain, drivers should shift to a lower gear. Although the temperature may be extremely cold outside, the brakes are still at risk of overheating. Keeping the vehicle in a lower gear will effectively reduce the need to use the brakes.

Fill up the tank
Often times, a winter storm may force drivers take an alternate route. To avoid being stranded on the side of the highway, motorists should fill up their gas tank before traveling a long distance.

Check the antifreeze level
Antifreeze is a vital engine fluid. Without the appropriate amount of antifreeze, a car’s heater will not be able to work effectively. A low level of antifreeze is typically caused by a leak in the coolant system. The good news is that most antifreeze leaks can be fixed by installing a new coolant hose or tightening a loose connection.

These tips should definitely help mountain drivers to have a safe journey. Do not take any chances on the road.

When Recycling is a Good Idea

When recycling is a good idea for a business? The answer to this question is fairly simple: always. If you are a business owner, you simply need to recycle. There are some laws and regulations in the country that simply require us to recycle and I am really glad that such laws are in effect.

Don’t worry, nobody requires you to do everything yourself. With the right type of waste baler equipment you can recycle lots of materials in a matter of minutes, which can be a great help for the environment as well. What is more, you might not even have a choice due to the fact that your local laws and regulations might be forcing you to do it.

It turns out that proper recycling does not have to be that complicated. Thanks to some very specialised machinery that is great for businesses, business owners can recycle their waste materials without putting anybody at the unnecessary risk. This can be great news for all those business owners who worry that they might do something that would harm their employees. If you have any concerns that your employees might be affected by your recycling practices, feel free to address them and you should already feel better when it comes to that.

Cool, contemporary office supplies to elevate your company image

Handing out a boring or mundane business card does no favors to your business or your own image. A better approach to this word-of-mouth contact, and business exposure, is to have a business card that truly exemplifies what you, and your company, can do for the potential contact or consumer. There are some great variations on the traditional business card available online, and that will add some flair and pizzazz to your company image.
The advantage of ordering online is likely going to be price, but there are other conveniences that could be invaluable advantages to this platform. Look around your office, choose a font and motif that suits your establishment or product, and click here to order. What could be simpler? If you are not tied up at the local print shop, or busy trying to place orders on the phone, than you will have more time to spend with your company’s biggest commodity: your customers.
Extend this image to also be displayed on your business’ stationary or office goods. This might be a viable first-step for small businesses that are trying to build a brand or familiarize their consumer base with a particular logo.

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Expert Witness

In recent years financial crimes have become far more prevalent in both the civil and criminal legal systems. Since these crimes are very complex, many litigators have a hard time explaining exact crime to juries. Those who are looking for additional support in a criminal or civil financial case should consider hiring an expert witness, who will be able to testify in court but also help to educate the litigators and bring more understanding to the courtroom.

One individual who could prove to be an excellent expert witness is Michael Richards. Michael Richards has over 34 years of experience in the financial industries. He has a proven ability to utilize that experience to provide expert and respected testimony in a variety of financial related civil or criminal suits. Michael Richards will not only be able to provide a testimonial but he will also be able to provide consulting services to those who are looking for more advice on a case. He has spent a large portion of his career understanding and applying various financial regulations which you can then share with either a prosecuting for defending litigator.

If you would like to learn more about the services that Michael Richards can provide to you, you should click here to access his personal website. Through his website you will be able to read more about his experiences and services that can be provided to you and even email him directly to ask any additional questions.