Guitar Picks

I am not sure which guitar I would choose if somebody offered me a wide choice of guitars. I am not exactly sure if a more expensive guitar usually means a better guitar, but I am planning to find out by looking at some guitars. I will also check guitar recording software to make sure that I don’t miss out on anything important. I believe that there’s a lot I could learn about guitars and about ways to pick one of them in case I needed to do it at some point.

How to Engage an Audience

Engaging your audience is paramount if you want to deliver a successful presentation everybody is guaranteed to enjoy. From my personal experience, this can only be achieved with the help of Audio video solutions that matter so much in the world of conferencing.

I will never forget the very first presentation I had to deliver in a company where I worked several years ago. I even remember the way I felt about it. My legs were shaking, but the moment I started delivering my Powerpoint presentation all became a lot easier. I guess when you have some media to help you in the form of audio and video solution, the burden of delivering a presentation shifts from you to them. To be honest, the success of the presentation that I delivered depended on the media solutions I chose to use. This is why I strive to take advantage of all media solutions every time I need to deliver a presentation not only when I have to do it in my workplace, but also in many other places including church and home. Adding even a small audio/video element into a presentation already makes a huge difference. It also always puts me at ease and adds me a lot of confidence.

The Importance of Water

I am sure that everybody would agree with me that water is very important in our lives. We all drink water to stay alive and to feel good. I am not sure about you, but I love the taste of water and usually drink it straight from the tap. I know that where I live it is safe to drink it that way and I enjoy the fact that I can get unlimited amounts of it without the need to buy bottled water in a store.

On the other hand, water can be a hazard at times, especially when you don’t want it to get it to places such as your bathroom, kitchen, or your basement. When you look at the website of, you will know precisely what I am talking about here. we don’t want water to get to places and become an annoyance that can completely ruin our home.

One of the first things I noticed when I visited the website of GlobeCore were all the advanced solutions that they offer. It was nice to be able to look at all of them considering how technologically advanced they were. Now I already know that depending on the situation there are at least a few ways to deal with intrusive water: bitumen emulsion, crystalline waterproofing, and flexible membrane waterproofing. Each one of them have their advantages and it is important to be able to understand them fully before undertaking any home-remodeling project. Of course, your builder should be able to help you with all the decisions related to the process, but it won’t hurt to know at least some things about waterproofing to know what is going on in your house when the remodeling takes place.

If you want to find equipment for bitumen emulsion production visit site I learned a great deal about the whole process of waterproofing by spending some time on the website. You wouldn’t believe how much there is to waterproofing and how exciting it can be to be able to learn about all those things. Now I am proud to announce that I am very familiar with the whole process and I also know how bitumen emulsion, crystalline waterproofing, and flexible membrane waterproofing all work. Did you know for example, that the solutions used in your swimming pool might have a lot to do with crystalline waterproofing? The technology uses insoluble crystals to block the passage of water in all those places where water should definitely not get. Almost all developed countries in the world use this form of solution to enjoy all the benefits that waterproofing has to offer to them.

While crystalline waterproofing is used mostly in homes, bridges benefit greatly from flexible membrane waterproofing to prevent them from collapsing. The technology used here has to be very advanced to make sure that no bridge suffers from the damaging effects of the water in which it stands. Bridges require special care so that they aren’t hazardous to all those people who choose to use them on their way to work or school.

Inexpensive Ways to Increase Leads

What if you could increase your profitability without increasing your costs and you already have a website? You have nothing to lose in following suggestions using your website to generate sales leads. Here are some effective ways in which you can use your website to generate sales leads for your business.




Take advantage of existing clients and relationships you already have. Contact individuals in your current network and find ways you can exchange your products and services. Attend professional events, organizations and associations and offer to provide helpful information at future events. Help others build their networks.


Traditional Cold Calling

Cold calling is legitimate and allows for direct contact. Call calling also happens to be one of the most common and most effective ways of generating sales leads. If you are uncomfortable with cold calling, you can use third party solutions to do it for you.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can always use the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to increase sales leads. This strategy also guarantees recognition on the web and is a great automatic sales lead generation technique. It also drives leads directly to you with little to no effort.



Make sure you have a blogging area within your website or that you contribute information to a blog in some capacity. As an extension of SEO traffic to your website, blogging will improve your web presence and gains you exposure that you might not have otherwise.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Use pay-per-click ads to increase sales leads, as you build your credibility with SEO. There are several pay-per-click partnerships you can take advantage of. Just do a little research to find out which pay-per-click partnerships might work for you so you can begin driving traffic to your website.


Social Media

You can always use social media to generate sales leads, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and on-line listings such as yellow pages and other on-line directories that are available.


Website Clarity

Make sure your website information clearly and concisely explains what you are offering. Be specific and explain the benefit of your product or service with a call-to-action. Make sure you ask for something relevant to your business.


Include Hyperlinks

Include a call-to-action as a hyperlink on the most relevant pages of your website.


Understand your customer base

It is imperative that you place yourself in the proverbial shoes of your prospective customer. For example, ask yourself questions such as: How would I search for this product or service?


Use Polls

You can use short poll questions to get blog topic ideas and write blogs accordingly. This practice will allow you to write about topics that people have requested, as opposed to you guessing what to write about. And the best point about using this tactic is you already have your audience because they already told you what they would like to see.


Create a “What’s On Your Mind” section

Ask what your potential customers what they would like to see to find what they are interested in. Also, allow them to tell you what’s on their minds and allow them to give you suggestions regarding your product or service. Their comments and suggestions might provide insight into way of continuously improving your website and your product or service and it costs you absolutely nothing.



Find a way to include an area for your customers to make comments about your product or service, so prospective customers can see your product or service provides value. This can be tricky, so be sure to acknowledge and address any and all customer complaints received in a timely manner. Remember, perception drives behavior of customers and if they believe they did not receive the product or level of service they expected, they will definitely complain.

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Earth is Being Photographed from Orbit…But the Views Differ

A group of Silicon Valley start-ups is attempting to create a comprehensive picture of the earth from space…In real time.

…And when we say picture…We mean video.

…And when we say video, we mean close enough to track a single car across a single highway, anywhere in the world.

The scientific appeal, from the perspective of a multitude of disciplines, is obvious. The business appeal is gigantic and the potential military application is bigger than both combined.

However, not everybody is convinced that this is a good idea…

131 ‘cubesats’ – satellite cameras (that are each about the size of a shoebox) are being primed for launch over the next 12 months. These cubesats will snap a daily photograph of the earth from space, building a Google Earth-style composite image of our home planet, the main difference being that, unlike Google Earth, this picture will update itself approximately every 24 hours.

One of the companies behind this initiative is Scintilla Communications, a 40-employee start-up based in San Francisco. Chief Executive and co-founder Will Marshall told BBC News that,

“We’re basically leveraging billions of Dollars that has been spent in consumer electronics to advance space exploration and the capabilities of satellites to help people on the planet,”

Certainly, the Humanitarian application is potentially groundbreaking. Such technology could possibly be used to locate missing planes (exemplified by the recent tragedy of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370), survivors of shipwrecks (like the four missing sailors currently lost at sea) and other disasters as well.

Mr. Marshall believes that his miniature satellites are in a unique position to do a lot of good.

“Instead of seeing a hole in the Amazon a few months after trees have been taken down there, we can see it as it’s happening” he says.

The first batch of 28 cubesats (known as ‘doves’ by Planet Labs), were launched in February of this year and are currently passing over earth at a speed of around five miles a second. Amazingly, they can produce images detailed enough to pick out individual trees.

However, photographs of individuals will be deliberately obfuscated, a decision taken after privacy groups protested against being captured on camera unwillingly.

It all sounds innocent enough, until one considers that the company is funded by venture capital and is fully expecting to turn a profit from this endeavor. Hypothetically, this means that, although certain data may be handed to Humanitarian, scientific or environmental organizations, it will also be available to the highest bidder.

In addition, Planet Labs may be looking to send only its ‘doves’ into our stratosphere, but critics are concerned that such moves are already paving the way for the hawks to join them.

Start-ups like Skybox and Canadian Urthecast are far more interested in creating satellites that relay high-definition video to their corporate creators and are capable of targeting a single car on a narrow road, or even a small group of people.

In fact, Skybox launched 24 of these fridge-sized devices last December and the prototypes are already relaying 90 second black and white clips of the earth below them. The firm is currently in the process of being acquired by Google.

For their part, Urthecast are already talking about using HD-video as a sort of CCTV for homeowners.

Frankly, this has a lot of people worried. The old saying that, ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’, does, for many, apply here.

Thomas Immel, who worked for twenty years at the Space Science Laboratory at UC Berkely, compares this new initiative to the opening of ‘Pandora’s Box’ from Greek mythology. He maintains, “Some applications may be harmful or controversial”.

For all the potential good projects like this can achieve, the possible cost to personal freedom is, in many people’s humble opinion, simply too high.