How to make a great first impression for your business

Everybody knows how important it is to make a great impression. People usually make judgements on anything very quickly and how they look at a person, an item or a company in the future is based upon their first experience with it. Which is why when it comes to business and selling items it is imperative that you make a very positive impression as that will affect how much business they will do with you in the future and may convince them to never work with you. Some techniques may seem very clear and apparent but others will seem a little more obscure which is why we are going to look into 4 different ways of keeping your initial judgment positive.

Stylish store / offices.

A big contributing factor to their opinion is the location in which they make it. If the area they are in is bad they will associate that with your company and products so you want to make sure that they don’t think this way. This is especially important with stores as if you don’t have an appealing shop front and floor then people won’t want to come in, thus there is no chance they will buy from you. Make things open and inviting so people will want to come in and browse and make it stylish and clean so that when they are in they won’t be deterred by anything.

Appealing packaging

The product itself is very important when it comes to their impression. If they see your product is packages in a boring box or a bland packet, they won’t be as impressed as they could be. Plus they may then subconsciously think of competitors products and think that theirs must be better as the packaging is better. The packaging needs to show off the product and all if its different aspects, showcase any important details and must be easy to open while keeping the product safe and protected. The packaging may be the very first thing that the customer sees of your brand so ensure that it makes an impact with them.

Promotional gifts

Everybody loves a freebie. Getting stuff for free is very sought after and people will make purchases based on being able to get something for free. This is why if you give a useful item for free when they first come in to see you or when they make their first order with you will leave a lasting positive impression of your brand as they will feel treated, happy with their free item and will be thankful because the item will help them in the future. The magic of promotional products as well is that they will not only look at the company in a positive light but will be reminded of your brand every time they use the item. For example if you give them a printed mug with your logo, every time they have a cup of tea or coffee they will think of your brand. Learn about printing your own mugs.

Bend to their needs within reason

Going from what people love to what people hate, nobody likes to hear the word “no” when it comes to a request. It just sets a negative image of the company showing that you can’t do what they want which may make them look negatively on the whole company. This is why a lot of sales people are likely to bend their services, their pricing and products to match the customers’ expectations for their first order. Doing this ensures that they go with you rather than one of your competitors, it creates a great impression and leaves them feeling happy and special as you have gone out of your way to make them happier. Two things are important though when doing this; the first is that you need to make sure that the customer knows that you are doing something special for them as this will increase their opinion of the business. Secondly, you must be careful with this and only make exceptions and changes within reason. For example, some businesses wouldn’t consider doing it if they lost too much money because of it or it takes up too much time. What you decide however is up to you.