Most Small Businesses Fail

It is a fact that most small businesses fail. It is also true that the majority of home-based business fail. Why is it so? There are at least a few reasons for this and I would like to present some of them to you.

-Not being prepared well enough. Starting a business can be quite complicated and a business owner needs to ensure that he is sufficiently prepared. Not being prepared enough might result in a failure. Having a well-detailed business plan might help you avoid that.

-Not having enough funds. Not having enough funds can be a problem as lack of funding will immediately restrict any business capacity. It is crucial to ascertain the amount of money a business will require. Some types of businesses might require less while some might require more. Make sure that you know how much funds you might require.

-Not having good enough marketing strategy. Marketing is important, especially if you are just starting a business. It is vital for a business’ success as you will need some way to obtain new customers. This applies to both mortal and brick and online businesses.

8 Ways to Get More Organized

The world’s most successful people wear a lot of hats, because that’s what it takes to form a business, scale a brand and keep up with your personal life. How do these people stay so productive? They make sure to always be organized. Here are a handful of ways that you can become organized, too.

1. Organize your time. One of the most precious resources we have is time. By keeping track of your daily schedule, you can make sure you’re spending enough time on the things that matter and spending minimal time or outsourcing less important tasks. Whether you use an old school planner or various mobile apps, find a scheduler that works for you.

2. Keep your e-mail organized. Develop a system to ensure that your inbox never gets out of hand. By setting up filters and folders, unsubscribing from unimportant newsletters, and using tools like Boomerang to schedule outgoing and incoming mail, you can keep your e-mail account in tip top shape.

3. Some of the most successful leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs, like Robert Bratt, lead extremely busy lives. One golden rule many of them follow is to organize their mornings. Do whatever it takes to put you in an organized mindset, which may include making your bed, eating a healthy breakfast, or already having your phone charged.

4. Keep your desk clear and neat. Desk clutter can seriously zap your energy and make it difficult to focus. Make it a point to clear off your desk every morning or evening. If you have a pile of things to go through, designate one day a week to tackle it.

5. Just as you organize your desk, organize your workspace, whether it’s a cubicle, home office or hotel room. Wherever you’re working from, keep it organized and clutter-free.

6. Prioritize the things that are most important. Then, spread out less important things throughout the week or get rid of them completely. One major key to being organized is knowing what needs to be organized and what isn’t necessary. This holds true for everything from works tasks to your personal life.

7. Plan as much as possible in advance. Deciding what you’re going to do for the day, week, month and year ahead will make it much easier to stay on track. Plus, if something changes, you’ll already have a schedule that you can easily tweak. When everything is written down, it’s easier to plan ahead.

8. Always make sure to set aside time in the evening. You should utilize your evenings to prepare for the following day and to unwind so that you’re refreshed the next morning.

Nobody is born an organized person. The only way to become organized is by building solid, effective habits over time. Also, make sure to set aside time for yourself to truly strike a great balance. Being organized isn’t about achieving perfection, but instead about limiting stress and clutter, saving time and moving forward.

Facebook Is a Business Asset

Social media is an important part of the online strategy of any business. Businesses that take advantage of the massive reach of the medium increase their chances of being found by customers and increasing sales. One particular company famous for social media is Facebook, and the use of the social site can be a huge asset to any business regardless of the industry. Including important information on the page dedicated to a specific company is an important starting point for any business or organization looking to make the leap into social media. With millions of active users looking to interact, getting the right information into the hands of potential customers is vital to the social experience.Important InformationA quick look at Sentry Energy Production’s Facebook page reveals all the important information a business needs to include on the site. Contact information including a phone number and address should always be a part of company correspondence. Plus, the inclusion of a link to the company’s official website is necessary for a few reasons. First, visitors can be directed directly to the right website. Secondly, visitors are reassured that the right Facebook location has been located, which means they are following, liking, and sharing information accordingly. The core information provided on any social media site should inspire confidence that customers and fans are in the correct place.The Right InformationGetting the right information to Facebook requires proofreading company data, like phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information, but the concept goes a bit further. Knowing what is being posted to the page and evaluating the content is necessary due to the size and scope of Facebook. Generally, businesses rely on a handful of people to research content thoroughly for assurance that nothing gets put on the account that can be viewed negatively, put the company at risk, or violate any terms of service. While the audience is generally receptive to the posts of a business, after all they liked the page, being sure the right information is being passed on is important.The Social ExperienceThe social experience is more prevalent on Facebook than on any other due to the high volume of users. Companies and organizations are able to interact with customers, coworkers, competitors, and other industry specialists. In addition, businesses can promote themselves, share product information, or provide customer service through the website. Facebook is a tool that allows instant communication across traditional computers and mobile platforms, which means a company is always plugged into the consciousness of consumers.In the end, Facebook is an asset for every business as long as the company includes important information in the account, double checks the posts to the page, and is open to the social experience. Social media is growing every day, which means businesses that get involved early on have a better chance of penetrating and perfecting the process before the competition. In the business world of today, taking advantage of every asset is vital to staying one step ahead of everyone else.

Planning Your Finances

It would be difficult to meet a person who claims that he has too much money. Most, if not all of us, have too little of it, especially in tough economic times.

A person doesn’t have to feel helpless when it comes to managing his money. There are certain finance-related tips that help those seeking ways to take control over their finances.

Realising what you own and what you don’t have is usually the first step to taking control over your finances. Know your income and know your expenses. Try to calculate how much savings you have each month. Learning to live within your budget will mean that you are never going to spend too much money at one go without having to resort to taking a huge loan.

Don’t blame others for the amount of money you spend each month. You are free to refuse to buy a product if you think that the price of it is too high. Don’t ever be frivolous with your money just to show off.

Plan your budget ahead instead of making all the important decisions on the go. Even planning how many times a month you will want to eat out in a restaurant can already help your budget. Don’t make any hasty decisions knowing that everything you commit to can have a huge impact on your finances.

Be very careful what type of loans you take. It definitely doesn’t hurt to take a small personal loan from time to time, but if you start falling into a trap of taking bigger and bigger loans, it might be very difficult to end this habit. If you find yourself deeply in debt, the only course of action available to you might be debt management. Consider looking for a finance counsellor if you start to feel like things are spinning out of control. It is always better to address a problem as early as possible to avoid complications.

Stock Market Investing

You may have heard it said that investing in the stock market is not for sissies. That maxim is not necessarily true. As with any new venture, if you do your homework and learn some basics, study historical performance, and enter with eyes wide open, over time stock investments can pay off handsomely. There are numerous excellent support resources such as Online Trading Academy. Use these resources to better understand the following broad concepts, and then branch out into more in-depth studies.

Stocks Vs. Mutual Funds

When purchasing stocks, you can choose to buy either individual stocks or mutual funds. Individual stock purchases represent the purchase of stock in an individual company such as Apple or XYZ Company. As the stockholder, you decide how many shares to buy, and then initiate the purchase through a brokerage. Generally it is considered more adventurous to purchase individual stocks, as you are putting all of your eggs in that one company’s basket. However, the return on investment may pay off in the form of high reward.

Mutual funds are more diversified, as each fund is comprised of a number of individual stocks, often all from a related sector, which is managed by a professional fund manager. Because performance risk is shared amongst many individual companies, the risk is minimized. Conversely, it also tends to minimize the reward and is considered a more passive investment option.

How Age Factors Into Determining Trading Strategy

Before investing in the stock market, take time to determine your goals. Are you working towards retirement savings? If so, is retirement likely to be forty years from now, or are you already in your late fifties? If retirement is at least fifteen years away, time is on your side. A high risk, high reward approach may be acceptable because there is ample time to correct and recover from those investments that do not pay off. If you are rapidly approaching, or already in retirement, you should strongly consider a lower risk, potentially lower reward approach. Any costly stumble could position you in a situation you don’t have time to recover from.

When To Buy And Sell

Novice investors should understand the meaning of buy low, sell high. Always purchase when your desired stock or fund is at a low price. Analyze the stock’s price chart over time to understand its pricing trends. Sell when the price is up.

Importance of Customer Service

Every business needs to have some kind of customer service. Customers need to know that they are going to be served when they need it. They also want to be sure that are their questions are going to be answered on time. Customers like when they are being paid attention to. They also like if the customer service is friendly. Nobody likes to be treated badly. The minute your customers walk through the door of your business, you need to greet them. You can do it personally or you can hire a sales person to do it for you. Customers need to feel special and you need to find a way to make it possible.

Pumps To Get Gas

Fracking is a process used to get gas from deep inside the ground. High pressue is used with water in order to release the gas from the ground, and fracking pumps are then used in order to get the gas to the designated area. The actual process of fracking can be extensive, and the work is very intense. If there is one mistake while pumping or digging, there could be an explosion due to the gas that is in the ground.

A location has to be found before fracking can begin. Most of the locations are offshore so that there is as little risk to homes as possible. A drill is used to get to the layer of soil directly underneath the first layer of water. Casing is used to isolate the water zone, and cement is poured into the area to give a way to pump out the gas. Before the gas is pumped out, there are several gallons of water distributed into the casing. Sand and chemicals are also used. The drill used could go as far as 10,000 feet into the ground before any kind of usable gas is found. The mixture of water, sand and chemicals will cause the ground to crack, releasing the gas that is then pumped back out.

Small Niche Blogs Making Money

While the biggest reward of blogging is the fact that you can share your thoughts with the rest of the world, there are also other things that some people hope to achieve. Maintaining a blog can be quite expensive, especially if you spend money on promotion and web design. That is why making some money from your blog is often necessary to keep it online. Here are my thoughts about blogs targeting a small niche, and their ability to make money:

  • You have a small audience, because you just target a particular niche. This does not mean you will not have many visitors, but you need to keep this in mind. You have to focus in order to avoid writing off-topic posts.
  • There are not many affiliate programs to choose. On the other hand, those which will really fit into your site can give you a big profit. It is all about targeted advertising.
  • It might be harder to have other sites linking to you, so consider link exchanges with sites dealing with a similar topic. Such sites may be very pleased that you are suggesting a link exchange, as they probably do not receive such a request very often. On the other hand, sites dealing with very popular topics might have a lot of competition, and may not be that eager to agree to a link exchange.

Old Telecom Cabinets Get New Life As Solar Panel Bases

While we put great hope in technology to save our future, it takes its toll on the environment as well. We are not just talking about harmful emissions and waste during any technological production but also all this junk that pile up on our land after one device outperforms another. The pile grows everyday with the growth of our technology, which results into tons of obsolete useless garbage of outdated electronics just sitting on our land. Most of the progressive electronic devices are small and come in place of bulky old machinery.

Luckily, the world is full of clever ideas that put old and bulky electronics to use. As an example, after the phone technology revolution and switch to Voice Over Internet phones, telecommunication cabinets have gotten much smaller which led to hundreds of older cabinets sitting unused. The masterminds at Genesis Green have found a perfect solution on how to use the abandoned cabinets and save the earth from junk. They created OSS – Onsite Solar Systems.

The basic idea behind OSS is to use old telecommunication cabinets as bases for solar panels. This idea has proven to be not only financially beneficial but much more flexible compared to rooftop mounted solar panels. In other words, we can rely upon technology to save the earth since new instruments for thin-film measurement needed in solar cells production make solar panels more affordable; but at the same time we must not forget about our own input, and search for ways to lessen the harmful effects of technological progress.

Benefits of Internet Marketing

There are many businesses out there that look for ways to remain competitive. Times are changing and it may not be that easy for a business ad their products to stay on the market. The competition is quite big and people are careful with their money. They might not be willing to spend as much money as in the past. That is because there is a global recession. However, there are some inexpensive ways a business might be able to get a competitive edge. One of them is to get involved in internet marketing. Here are some reasons why it may be a good idea:

-Internet marketing is less expensive compared to other methods of advertising.

-It is a great way to advertise products that internet users may need. This may include computers, but also everyday products like clothes.

-It is a good way to raise brand awareness. Branding is definitely an essential aspect of business today. Spreading your brand and influence across the web has many advantages.

-While offline marketing may be expensive because of the set-up costs, internet marketing has a low-cost entry. This allows anyone to get started, even if he has just a couple of dollars to spend.

-Being able to easily track your internet marketing results is something that can greatly improve your overall marketing strategy. This is not the case with offline marketing.