General Content Quality Guidelines

I have been thinking a lot about content quality lately, but I think I did not mention yet any general content quality guidelines. It is quite apparent that content quality is often subjective. On the other hand, we have to face the facts that there still exist general content guidelines that would apply to many blogs. Here they are:

• Thought-provoking. Your articles should be thought provoking. It doesn’t mean that all of them should be, but at least some of them as a lot of readers enjoy an intellectual challenge. Many thought-provoking articles are often controversial, so be prepared that not everyone might agree with what you have written.

• In a lot of cases entertainment is important. This might be especially true in personal blogs, probably less in business blogs. Posting humorous articles can make your blog more likeable by others.

• Uniqueness. Your posts need to be unique in a sense that you do not copy posts from other blogs. Your blog will not be considered high quality if you will be “copy-pasting”.

• Well researched posts. This simply means that you know what you are talking about and you might prove it by referencing to other websites or books.

Business and Passion

How many times have you actually heard someone complain about how their money-earning goings-on interfere with their hobbies? Surely, you’ve got that buddy who wishes he could go fishing all his life but is stuck with his job at this accounting firm. Or maybe you have met one youngster behind the cash register who has always wanted to be a professional skateboard rider. Or maybe, just maybe you’ve found you whining to yourself how your eight-hour workday deprives you from spending some quality time upgrading your ride.

We need to earn money to survive, but that doesn’t mean we should deprive ourselves pleasure just because our needs and our wants don’t seem to get along. But that’s a thing of yesterday folks. I am confident in telling you that you can actually earn some good cash while enjoying your hobby.

Let me share my personal experience.

Well, I’ve been with this sales company for almost eight years now, dealing with clients, delivering presentations, promoting products, the usual corporate stuff, but my true passion is cooking. When in the office, I would usually crave for that moment when I can finally log out and bond with my kitchen. I could not really say that I’m an expert in cooking but I guess if you love what you do, you really make a difference.

So whenever I’m a bit stressed with work, I’d relax by cooking, most especially during weekends- this is my kind of spa. I’d usually set aside a part of what I cook and bring them to the office the following working day and have my officemates taste my dishes. I’d usually get good feedback from them, inspiring me to pursue cooking even more, but of course, I also see to eat that my job doesn’t get left out.

The turning point was when one of my officemates was celebrating her birthday and she requested if I could cook maybe two dishes to be shared with everyone at work. As though it was a reflex, I automatically said yes. Well, modesty set aside, everyone loved what I prepared and my officemate paid me a good sum. After that, orders came after another. Until eventually I found myself having a “small scale” catering services exclusive to my officemates. They’d usually request for a dish or two for a special dinner, a cake for a family member’s birthday, or a casserole dish just to satisfy their cravings. And I, being an aspiring “small scale” chef would gladly take their orders.

So far, everything has been going really well. I didn’t neglect my job, and I also did not deprive myself from doing what I take pleasure in. I get a salary from being and employee and I also earn from cooking.

I guess what I really wanted to deliver is that your passion can actually be your business or your means to earn money for that matter. Entrepreneurship doesn’t really have to start big. And I guess starting small, from what you really love doing makes a huge difference and before you know it, it’s already a full-blown business. If you’re into cars for example, maybe you can open a garage that’s specializes on customization. You can have people there during weekdays while you work and you become more hands-on during weekends. If you love reading books, you can buy all the books that you’ve been dying to read and after reading them, you can sell them online or maybe create a mini library where book enthusiasts could stop by and take a look at what you have in store for them.

You see, it’s very much possible that our needs and wants need not be contradictory. In fact, it is very much to our advantage if they complement each other.

So if you’re thinking of earning extra cash, better invest on something you love. And see how it grows.

The author is a half sales supervisor-have chef. Or maybe 40-60.Have a taste of her articles on passionate entrepreneurship at

Do Not Give Up

I am sure that each one of us has his dream job. By this, I not only mean your current job, but the job you have always dreamed about having. The problem with many people is that they give up on their dream job before they even have a chance to get it. Some people believe that their dream job is out of their hand’s reach. They believe that this is one of those things in life they cannot have. This is far from being true. A little determination and faith can do wonders here. Only because you do not have your dream job right not does not mean that you are not going to be able to have it in the future.

Security suites for enterprise mobile app platforms

As organizations increasingly look to mobile devices and applications to help manage their people, processes and technologies, a greater amount of critical business data is generated by and stored in enterprise mobile apps. Consequently, mobile security should be a top priority for CIOs.

Security capabilities are especially important when choosing an enterprise mobile app platform for your organization. Mobile apps present a risk that increases the amount of information an enterprise must protect, especially as the mobile workforce expands quickly. This can be difficult – if not impossible – for developers to handle. Enterprise mobile app platforms that provide complete security suites provide a solution to this problem.

The ideal security suite should combine authorization, privacy and access control capabilities down to the data level. For example, KidoZen’s mobile identity management and security suite integrates with top identity providers like Microsoft Active Directory and Google ID, making it easy for organizations to bring their existing investments in identity management to their mobile systems. It also provides access controls based on these identities to control access to APIs, data sources and applications – all the way down to the object level.

Blog Your Way to Success

Blogging has been around for many years now, but it is still gaining popularity each year. There are more and more blogs out there and more people that visit blogs. There are all kinds of blogs and each blog may cater to a different group of readers. There are blogs for teenagers, there are blogs for working adults. People enjoy visiting blogs, because it is more personal than just reading a news story. After all, you can always leave a comment and ask the blogger a question if you want to do it. I think that blogging will remain popular for many years and it will be interesting to observe how many new blogs will get created each year.

Shopping Online for Gun Cleaning Kits

For many people, gun cleaning is a science. This is due to the somewhat difficult process it takes to clean a gun properly. The unique residues that can be left in a gun after its use can collect within the device. If a gun owner does not clean their gun regularly, the residues will increase and hinder the gun’s effectiveness.

In order for there to be the most effective clean, many gun owners buy home cleaning kits for their guns. These kits allow the owner to submerge their gun in unique cleaning chemicals within the cleaning kit. At the same time, the kit utilizes ultrasonic frequencies to dismantle and break apart any residue collecting in the gun.

Gun owners can buy this cleaning technology at local stores, but they may not find the most competitive prices as a result. Luckily, companies like and hundreds of others sell directly to customers online. With an online business, gun owners can find affordable prices on all of their cleaning gear. Thanks to relatively smaller administrative costs compared to a brick-and-mortar store, online businesses can sell their product to customers with lower costs than at local or regional gun stores. Plus, with the ability to surf online at the comfort of one’s home, a gun owner can search out for the most affordable price for their cleaning equipment. There is no need to travel around and compare prices. With just a click of a button, a gun owner can find the cleaning kits they need fast.

Cleaning kits are an essential item for any gun owner. But, no gun owner should have to settle for the prices at their local stores. Using an online retailer for gun cleaning kits can save a gun owner money and time.

Home Based Business

It is not a secret that there are many companies online that offer home based business opportunities. If you really want to make some money without leaving your home. Chances are that you are going to succeed. You will need to keep a few things in mind before you choose a money-making opportunity. First thing you will want to check whether the company you wish to work for is legitimate or not. I always write the name of a company in Google followed by the word scam. If a company cannot be trusted, you are guaranteed to know about it because some people are going to write about it online. This is one of the easiest ways to know if you are dealing with a scam or not.

How to Deal with Bank and Creditor Abuses

Maybe you know somebody who is a victim of an abuse committed by a bank or another creditor. Maybe you even fell victim to such situations yourself and don’t know what to do about your predicament. You feel ashamed to talk to somebody about it, but does it really have to be like that? Do you really have to suffer in silence only because you are one of the many victims who suffer from a poorly-designed system that favors banks and creditors but does not protect you at all? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this sea of victims that also would like to know what to do about their alleged debt.

Sometimes an alleged debt is a result of a clerical error, while sometimes it is done on purpose by somebody who wants to take your money away from you. I want you to know that once you read some useful Guardian Legal Center reviews, you should know immediately how to act in such situations. There is definitely a lot more you can do about it than you might think, you just need to have your eyes peeled and know how to react to such situations. The truth is that being wrongfully accused of something happens to people all the time and it is part and parcel of our lives, therefore, it is a good idea to be prepared as much as possible if anything like this happens. Being accused of something does not have to mean the end of the world. It simply means that somebody either wants to do something bad to you or there was some sort of mistake that resulted in you having an alleged debt. Bankers are humans too and they also commit mistakes. Some of them additionally might be malicious and might want to charge you too much than you should be charged. It is up to you to figure it out.

What I am Going to Do About Internet Safety in My Home

One thing that I am going to do about Internet safety for my kids is to set some rules when it comes to the way my children are going to be allowed to use the Internet. I will try to make those rules as simple and as clear as possible so that my children know at all times what it is that I want from them. I want them to know what I expect from them and that I have high expectations and that no exceptions to those rules will be tolerated.

One idea that I have here is to pin a copy of those rules somewhere in a visible place where everybody will have access to it. One of the computers of my kids should be a good place so that they are constantly reminded of the rules they are not supposed to break.

Green Living Supports A Healthy Lifestyle

Over the last decade, energy-efficient homes with multifunctional spaces and green features have become very important to homeowners around the world. People are looking for homes that promote convenience, relaxation and an environmentally friendly lifestyle, supported by people like Neil Haboush. Here are some of the most desirable home features showing up in 2014 architecture and building trends. Neil Haboush has a lot to do with them.

* Passive Homes – In architectural terms, a passive home uses energy-efficient appliances, thermal insulation and solar energy and technology to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions and toxic gases in the atmosphere. Passive homes incorporate green building materials that can easily be recycled and will not harm the environment.

* Safe Living Spaces – Green, safe exterior and interior building materials like siding, roofing, insulation, carpeting, paints and wood stains are now available to give homeowners healthy living choices. Old materials with toxic fumes, glues and gases are being phased out and replaced with safe, hypoallergenic materials.

* Multifunctional Spaces – Homeowners want multipurpose rooms that create lifestyle versatility and smaller housing footprints to eliminate excess use of energy and costs. Smaller homes with multifunctional spaces are less expensive to build and require less heating and cooling. Kitchens and family rooms are becoming multitasking spaces used by the entire family.

* Relaxation Features – Current building trends show that 50 percent of new homes include bathrooms with spa-like features such as bathtubs with whirlpool controls, jacuzzi tubs, showers with steam, water jets, rain showerheads, waterfalls and built-in mood lighting. Many bathrooms have built-in music systems with surround sound for ultimate relaxation.