When to Use Used Car Dealerships

It is totally up to the car owner to decide whether or not he will want to use car dealerships to sell his used car. My recommendation is to look at your preferences and see what you like to do and which solution is going to work better in your case. If you consider yourself to be a people’s person, you probably won’t mind inviting all the potential car buyers to your home and showing them the car that you want to sell. On the other hand, if you are too busy and you don’t have enough time to deal with the potential buyers, you might be more than happy to outsource the task of selling your used car to somebody who deals with such tasks of a regular daily basis.

It is common knowledge that car dealerships need to get their stock from somewhere. Usually, their stock comes from those sellers who decide to sell their used cars. If this is the case, car dealerships are usually more than happy to buy any car in decent condition from anybody who might want to get rid of his older car.

You might wonder when to turn to a car dealership to buy a used car. If you don’t have that much time on your hands, it will be the right thing to do.

Tips and Tricks for Buying a Used Car

Some people I know don’t have enough money to be able to buy a brand new car. In their case, used cars are the only option that they have, especially if they don’t mind driving something that has been previously used by somebody. If you have to make up your mind which used car to buy, you will appreciate reading this post.

1. Know the car’s history before purchasing it. It is advisable to ask the seller a few important questions about the history of the car in question. Probably the most important one is whether the car has been in an accident or not.

2. Know the mileage. You have every right to know how used your used car is. The bigger the mileage, the less money you should pay for the vehicle.

3. Inspect the interior. You need to like your new vehicle, so inspecting the interior should be one of the very first things you will want to do before making up your mind whether to buy a car or not. If something turns out to be faulty, you have a right to know about it.

4. Inspect the exterior. The exterior of your brand new car should matter to you a lot as well. Usually, the better a car looks and the better its overall condition, the more you will be expected to pay for it.

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Learn more about Chevrolet Beat before You Go for a Test Drive

Chevrolet Beat is one of the bestselling hatchback cars in India, because of the contemporary appeal, futuristic crafting and advanced mechanical improvisations. You can enjoy the beat in 12 variants combining petrol, diesel and LPG versions.

On the outside

 The sleek exterior will grab your eyeballs instantly with chrome polished majestic grille flaunting the Chevrolet Logo. The dynamic stance starts from the excellent waistline and sloped roof. But the amazing innovation of the two doors appearing view is quite unique. So the rear door handles are disguised in the C pillars. However this creativity crops the rear window glass making chances of claustrophobia.

What’s In

 The interiors have been embellished with two console design and a piano black trim. There is a scope for the digital speedometer and tachometer to improve. Comforting and sufficient side support is appreciating but again the seats do not offer lumber support.  The top variant in the Beat family is installed with steering mounted controls.

The power factor

 Chevrolet Beat gives two different engine options, where the petrol enjoys a 1.2 litre motor of 1197 cc displacement. The petrol engine dishes an 80BHP and gives best performance ride after 4000-4500RPM. The diesel variants have a 1-litre Smart-Tech engine dishing 57BHP with a max torque of 150 Nm. Although the BHP is not that powerful but maneuvering the gears correctly it is decent for the city drive.

The petrol mileage is 18 km/l at its best but diesel dashes with a fabulous 25km/l reducing cost for a long shot. The difference is price for petrol and diesel gets at par by the fuel economy of diesel.

Safety Factor

 The Beat has efficient braking system with ABS plus dual SRS airbag. To endure further security is equipped with the smart child locks. The front suspension is Mc Pherson strut while the rear suspension is of compound link sorts. It is easy to maneuver through the congested city with greater control on the steering and the sharp corners.


The Chevrolet gives a good quality ride and talking about the handling it is quite fun with good high speed controls. The direct steering is obedient and better than the rivals in this matter. Chevrolet Beat can take a top speed of 100km/h in 14. 2seconds and hit 150km/h at best. Get a sporty feel not just by the smart cue designs in the exterior but a noisy hum by the engine. Chevrolet Spark skillfully keeps the Turbo –lag possibly low while the light weight and easy to handle steering and clutch, making the drive quicker.

Earning a milestone of selling around 1 million units of it is hatchback Beat it is youthful and futuristic both in design and mechanical updates. It is one of the best city cars but drives a little out of breath on highways.

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How to Clean Your Car

Washing your car is mandatory if you always want to keep it in pristine condition. You might want to do it carefully though.

Everybody needs a lesson in proper car washing technique. You probably need it too, especially if you plan to wash your car yourself without anybody helping you with that. If this is the case, remember that it is not normal for your car to attract scratches while you wash it.

Washing your car should be done carefully, as you need to treat your car as a very fragile item that you cherish very much. Dirt and grime are the main culprits here and you need to do everything to successfully get rid of those enemies that can cause a lot of trouble. Dirt and grime can cause scratching on your paint, which is a simple catalyst for corrosion and which can mean a lot of trouble in the future.

When cleaning your car, make sure that you don’t remove the wax from the paint. Avoid dish washing detergents as they can easily damage your car and lower its value. In other words, they are a very effective car wax remover, but can leave you with nothing in the end.

It is a good idea to use a quality car wash soap. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one on the market, but using the cheapest one might not make sense either as cheap soaps can do more harm than good. It is worth spending an extra buck or two on a product that actually works and one that is guaranteed to do the job correctly.Look at what your local auto parts store has to offer and you cannot go wrong if you choose something straight from the shelf. Also, look for something that contains conditioners so that you don’t have to worry about the wax on your car anymore.

Don’t ever use bath sponges as they can damage your car permanently. All your car needs in order to be clean is a quality wash mitt and you are ready to go. A lamb’s wool mitt is probably the best choice here as it will not leave any scratches on your car, just use them correctly and you are doing a great job.

Why Buy a Used Car

Most people I know of have to decide whether or not they want to buy a used car. Buying a used car has many advantages. Obviously, buying a new one has many advantages as well, but in this post I want to solely concentrate on all those good things that can be said about owning a car that has been previously used by somebody.

The first thing that comes to my mind when it comes to used cars is their lower price tag. You can and you should expect to pay a lot less for a car that was previously used. Normally, the value of new cars drops very fast, something that cannot be said about used cars. Used vehicles are known to lose their value at a lot lower rate than brand new ones.

It costs a lot less money to register a used car. Since this is the case, you can save up to a few hundred dollars per year solely on registration fees.

When it comes to car insurance, used car insurance premiums tend to cost a lot less, simply because in case of an accident, it costs a lot less to replace the parts in a used car comparing it with the costs of replacing parts in a brand new car.

Which is Better: Car Lease or a New Car

Those who want to drive a new car have at least two options to consider: buying a brand new car or opting for a lease. Those two options should be weighed carefully as choosing one should really depend on a person’s situation.

You will want to buy a new car obviously if you have enough funds to be able to do so. Buying a brand new car has many advantages such as knowing that you drive something that totally belongs to you. Some people don’t like the idea of renting a car, so buying one is the only option they would ever consider.

If for some reason you don’t have enough money to be able to buy a new car, or if you don’t plan to be driving forever, car lease might be a tempting option for you. You don’t actually get to own the car that you drive, but if you are OK with it, and if you know that you can drive it as often as you wish, you can enjoy it.