Small Projects

Did you know that most small businesses go bankrupt within three years after being established? I do not want to discourage you from starting a small business, but I want you to remember that starting a small business will require you to remember about many small things. Starting a small business requires a person to not only think about the bigger picture, but also about many small details such as ad opportunities, sales, or accounts. The problem is that many new business owners want to participate in large-scale projects. They want to make money fast and they want to sell large amounts of products fast.

-If you are a new business owner, do not forget that handling small projects can help you make money too. Do not turn somebody down only because he offered to buy one item from you or that somebody asked you to offer him a small service.

-Remember that if your business goes well, there will be time for bigger projects. Learn to do small projects that will prepare you to handle bigger projects.

-Always remember that small projects add up. It is sometimes better to have a few small clients rather than have one bigger client. If you have a few small projects, you also have a chance to diversify the risk in case something goes wrong. If you lost your only big client, you would be left with nothing.

What to do with Your Rolex

If you are anything like me, you buy new things all the time. The appeal of online shopping these days is so great that it has become part and parcel of my life. This means that I cannot live without it and I cannot imagine a week passing by without me waiting for a home delivery of an item I previously bought online.

I am really glad that it is so easy to shop these days. It is easy to sell various items back too. You just need to know how to make this happen. If for some reason you decide that you no longer need something such as your Rolex, you can always find ways to price my Rolex and sell it to somebody who might need it more than you do.

Why would you want to sell your Rolex? There are many reasons to do so. Maybe your Rolex no longer fits your suit, or maybe you got a newer model and you want to get rid of your existing one. Whatever the reason might be, you shouldn’t feel that you are stuck forever with your Rolex as there are easy ways to make sure that you can get a good price for it when you decide to sell it.

When I look at timepieces, I see how elegant Rolex watches can be. A man without one simply wouldn’t be complete, it is as simple as that. You cannot simply wear a suit without a matching watch. Every businessman, every lawyer, or any other man could certainly benefit from an elegant watch to be able to know the time, but also to match their outfit.

If you would much rather buy a new Rolex rather than sell one, you can do it too as there are many affordable Rolex watches available on the Internet.

The Popularity of WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. There are thousands of WordPress themes available on the Internet and most of them are free. New themes come out on a daily basis. Even though there are so many themes, people might often prefer to use a popular, well documented one. For example, my blog uses a quite popular theme, for which there are a lot of guides, even though not that often I see a blog with an identical theme to mine. I decided to use it, because I like the way it looks, but I also knew that I will not need to worry about potential problems. That is because this theme stood the test of time. On the other hand, I decided to make my theme look a little different by personalizing it. This way I have a high quality theme, a well documented one, and additionally one that looks original. I made some changes to the style sheet file and rearranged a couple of things. It is not that hard to make such changes, so feel free to try it out yourself. You do not have to start by making any drastic changes, as even changing the style and size of font is some kind of change that will make your blog look more original.
Naturally, WordPress themes are not the only themes that can be modified. You can modify any theme you wish provided that you know some basic html and php.

Use of Apps

I am sure that you would agree with me that these days almost everybody uses some sort of mobile phone apps. Some people use more of them and some people less, but the truth is that their use is so widespread that if you were to characterize the year 2015 you would have to say that this was the year of mobile phone applications.

Personally, I am glad that the mobile apps market is spreading its wings and is seeing an accelerated growth these days. For example, more and more companies opt to develop their own apps with the help of Chelsea Mobile Apps developers who are more the willing and able to deliver on their promise.

The need for mobile apps application these days is a lot greater than it used to be even a couple of years ago. It seems like people literally expect that there should be an app for everything. And they are right when they think that way, because it is definitely a good idea for businesses such as Waitrose (and many many others as well) to regularly introduce new apps for their clients that they can use while shopping. I am personally about to check a few new apps today, so forgive me that I am going to finish this post right now and start checking them out.

Making Money on the Internet that Pays

Many people are looking for ways to make some extra money. In such a case it is definitely a good idea to have multiple streams of income. That is why I thought that I should give you some ideas how to achieve that goal. Here is a list of common ways webmasters earn money:
• Selling ad space. This is a good idea for larger websites with many visitors. You will probably not earn a lot if you have very few visitors. That is why this may only be an option for more popular websites.
• Product sales. This depends how good you are at selling and marketing. You will need to convince your visitors that the products you sell are worth buying. If you put some work into SEO, then those Internet users who search for some products using search engines might stumble on your website.
• Pay-Per-Click Ads. If you integrate your ads in a clever way, this will maximize your income. It is probably the most popular way to get extra cash. Of course, you may need to blend in the ads properly and have a lot of traffic to earn a lot of money.
• Affiliate programs. Many people are making a lot of money with affiliate programs. Of course, how much you earn will depend on your marketing skills.
The order I listed different ways to earn money is random, and what will be the main source of your income depends on your abilities, interests, and probably the niche of your blog.

A Guide for Picking and Working with Your Payroll Service

When you make any important decisions that are sure to impact your company it’s always a good idea to use a methodical strategy and careful planning to reach the ultimate decision. If you use a trusted plan of action, you are sure to find the right payroll service for your company’s needs. By following the five steps below you can confidently find and hire the ideal outsourced payroll agency to work on your payroll needs.


Step One: Decide what part of your payroll tasks you want to outsource.

The amount of expertise that you have in your own organisation, their level of competence, and the amount of control that you want to have over your payroll will impact the type and number of services that you want to outsource. The website is a good resource to use to learn more about fully managed payroll services. This solution can work for you if you want to keep your payroll duties outside your own staff; this places all the burden of learning about taxation and other pay related duties on the team of payroll professionals who will be working on behalf of your company. If you only want to outsource a portion of your payroll function, you can use a bureau service that will work with you on the requirements that you have for them to do each pay period.

Step Two: Choose a company within your budget and one that will meet your expectations.

Look for an agency of outsourced payroll experts that are familiar with the latest software, know the legislation that impacts your niche, and are accurate and timely with their delivery of payslips and other reports. The professionals at say that any company that you choose should have a staff that is well trained and experienced; make sure that their staff has also been properly vetted so that you can trust them to keep all of your business information private and protected.

 Step Three: Let them know what your payroll task requirements are.

Make sure that you take time to discuss with them your expectations, what portions of your payroll you expect them to do, and ask what you can do to streamline the process. Setting the right tone for work will provide you with the results that you want from outsourcing your payroll.

Step Four: Test the system that you have created with your professional team.

Once you have a strategy in place, work with the team of payroll experts to test the system to see if it works properly. You should double check the calculations so that you are satisfied that all information is correct; this assures you of accurate payslips and tax reports.

Step Five: Send your data to them, meet your deadlines, and use your valuable time to focus on your company.

Once you have developed a plan of action, each pay period you should be able to relax and not worry about payslips, end of year reports, or tax documents that must be filed promptly.


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How to Attract More Traffic to Your Website

Do you want to attract more traffic to your website? Bloggers and webmasters from all around the world have the same goals. Everybody wants to have the best website on the Internet, write the best blog posts, and attract the most traffic possible. Attracting traffic is an important thing if you want to be a popular blogger, and if you are serious about what you are doing. Below you will find some ideas on how you can attract more visitors to your website or blog:
1. Visit and comment on other people’s blogs. My experience tells me, that the best idea is not only to comment on very popular blogs, but also on those that do not receive a lot of traffic and comments. If you visit and comment on a blog where few people leave feedback, the author of such a blog will probably be grateful to you. Chances are high that he will return the favor and visit your blog as well.
2. Post on the message boards of the blogging community you belong to. Be active, and you will easily obtain new readers. Make sure that your signature contains a link to your website.
3. Submit your blog to as many directories as possible. Submitting your blog to directories will also increase your site’s Page Rank. Increasing your site’s Page Rank will in turn result in receiving more visitors.
4. Use accurate keywords in your blog description. This will help you being listed in Google results whenever someone will search for related terms. Received organic traffic is a very cost-effective solution.

The Keys To Mastery …… Again

All beginners want to know what the key to mastering the new skill is.

The answer is always the same.

What is it?

It’s knowing and doing the basics so well that they’re second nature. Most people want to find a short cut so that they can advance to the more advanced techniques. After all it is probably these that attracted them to learn this new skill or sport in the first place. If you want to learn to play tennis inevitably you want to be playing fast and furious tennis not drilling your backhand and foot placement.

But guess what …….

The only reason the pros can play that sort of tennis is that they know the basics (foot placement etc) so well that they don’t even need to think about them anymore. If you still need to think about it when doing the basics then the more advanced things are really are very hard to do. Someone who has mastered the basics will be able to concentrate on the more advanced stuff. And guess what, they’ll blow you off the court.

So it’s back to the training court for you. Master the basics and work on them until they’re second nature.

What put me in mind of this is an infographic from Acuity Training that I saw recently. It lays out what the basics for success in an interview are. The key fact is that 93% of success in job interviews is determined by a candidate’s preparation but only 10% of candidates bother to do more than 2 hours of preparation.

It’s the iron law of doing the basics again. You can guarantee that most people know that they need to prepare for a job interview. Even so the vast majority don’t bother.

Just doing the basics of reviewing your skills against the job spec, researching the employer and their industry and making sure that you are well rested and clean and tidy for the interview and you’ll put yourself in the top 10%.

Amazing really given how much time people spend bitching about their jobs that most of them don’t bother to do 2 hours of work when interviewing for a new job. The thing that they forget is that those 2 hours of preparation mean that they will feel confident and well prepared. This will show as they will be more relaxed in the interview, making them far more attractive as a potential hire. That’s the other thing about the basics, if you can do them really well then the more advanced stuff becomes pretty easy as well.

Business and Blogging

It seems that many business owners quit blogging. Are you interested what the reasons are? Are we really that different from business bloggers? We also try to “sell a product”, but in our case it is our blog itself. Here are the reasons why many business people give up on blogging:

1. They are not happy with the amount of comments left by visitors.
2. According to them, they do not have enough subscribers.
3. They do not observe an increase in traffic coming to their main website.
4. They find it difficult to come up with fresh new content for the blog every day or week. Blogs that are not being updated often might not serve their purpose.
5. They cannot work out how to promote products and services via their blog. It is not that easy to promote different products from various industries on a blog.

Maintaining a blog costs money. That is why if there are going to be negligible benefits, then it is a wise choice for a business to delete such a blog. Regular bloggers are in a different position, as they are not oriented on increasing their income. They are rather focused on having influence over other people and interacting with users all over the world. That is why there are some blogs that have been out for years, and they are still performing very well.

Finding that Edge above the Competition through Professional Printing

Small business are starting and growing every day. For your small business you have worked hard to develop a solution to a problem that you saw and grow within that niche. However, you realize that there are lots of businesses out there that may have developed the same solution you have and you have a lot of competition not only with brick-and-mortar stores but stores that are building their client base online.

How can your small business differentiate yourself from other businesses and work with the client base that you have developed as well as attract new clients? One effective way is to utilize a professional printer.

Personal touch to you client base

You may own a small business and you realize that you need to not only find client but keep them. Finding new clients costs six times more than it takes to maintain the current client base that you have. In fact, most clients who have left a business and no longer uses their service is because they feel like the business is indifferent towards them, meaning that the business just treats them like a number or just a method to make money. For a small business, this thought that the business doesn’t really care about the clients could kill the business. A way to communicate with clients while adding a personal and caring touch is to print personalized cards. How would you respond to receiving a card on your birthday from a business that you have supported over the course of the year?

Keeping a professional reputation

Every time that you release a flier or any type of advertising in a community you are either developing a professional reputation or a reputation that the business is on a shoestring budget and may not be a business that people would like to frequent. When you send out advertising you will want someone to proof-read the text as well as give any feedback on a design that could deter you client base. A professional printer could provide feedback on layout of design as well as proof-read any text you are considering printing. This could help you get an edge over the competition by saving yourself from any mistakes as well as showing the public that your hold yourself to a standard of high quality.

Provide visual consistency across all platforms

To help promote your small business you have decided to run an ad in a newspaper or a magazine, but also distribute fliers and mailings to previous clients. A newspaper or a magazine work with professional printers every day and the ads that they are going to print for your business are going to look clean and with no haze from being pixelated.   Should the other items that you produce, the flier and the mailing, not match the quality standard that is found in the newspaper or the magazine it will be seen by your clients as inferior with substandard quality. Professional printers are not as expensive as trying to produce mass qualities on standard office equipment plus you get a higher standard of printing.